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ATTN: If you don't read this, you may well find your account banned

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by IndianaToker, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. After the recent discussion of immaturity on the forums, RMJL and I have discussed how we are going to handle the matter. Here are our guidelines that will help restore the order and family vibe to our City. These are soley at our descretion, and all decisons are final.

    1. We are not going to allow threads on the forum that at we determine to reveal or illude to the fact that the user is too young to be here. All such type threads will be closed, and a public warning issued. If it happens again, it will cause an immediate ban. Find somewhere else to hang out at kids, because the City doesn\'t welcome you.

    2. There is entirely too much disrespect floating around the forums, and far too many users supporting it. Any further disrespect we see, will be issued a public warning in the thread. If it happens again, it will cause an immediate ban. Again, this is very typical with the underage crowd, and there are certain patterns we pick up in postings as well.

    3. Threads that we deem pointless (i.e. of no real value to the subjects typical with the City) will be closed with a public warning issued. If it happens again, it will cause an immediate ban. (This includes threads and posts that are soaked with immaturity. It\'s become apparent that you don\'t have to be a kid to be horribly immature.)

    RMJL and I have allowed everyone the ability to try and moderate themselves, in the spirity of true stoners. Since it\'s apparent that a large portion of the City is not capable of that, we will be showing those users to the door as they are not welcome at the City. We have a resposibility to hold this place to a very high standard...and we take that job very seriously. So be a contributing member to the City or expect to have your account banned as we are not tolerating all the bs any longer.

    This does not just include new users, this goes for all users of Grasscity\'s forums regardless of how long you\'ve been a member. Below you will find specific sections of the City rules which will be enforced more heavily than ever:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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