attn HERE! bladies: question for the girlies in the city!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Apr 21, 2003.


I touch myself!

  1. YES! daily

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  2. Yes! 3-5 times a week

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  3. Yes! 5-15+ times a week

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  4. Yeah, but shy about it,this mine.c2

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  5. No! touched what down where!?!

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  6. will PM sensi if you privately wanna talk! ;)

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  1. I\'m not telling!
  2. I voted...I fessed up! You knew I would, didn\'t you, Sensi???
  3. Uhhhhhh,\'s your turn, chickie!!!!
  4. LMAO OK!!!!! I did!

    You rock girl!! Im not sure how much I wanna say...hey hold on..I gotta get me another all that, and im still using commas :D
  5. Gee, I wonder what you voted!!!! LOL! ;) Yeah, I didn\'t say anything...just voted, which I really can\'t do anyway. I vote by editing since I\'m not allowed.
  6. these are the times when I wish all the blades/bladies in the city were here all together all at once.


    with that, I think we should have a City holiday. what do you think? one day a year, like any other holiday, except without the over priced hallmark greetings (god, could THEY come up with ONE more holiday to make money on?!) SO CITY HOLIDAY, lol, possibly 4/20? or even better...gotta check the date, but when the city started in 2000? (7/20?) that would be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, I need some input here, then Ill go live, in the forum with it, if I get like, maybe 1 AYE! and the voices in my head they only count as 1, all two other of em, and then considering the drinks ive had, so I got about 4 for AYE! right now...I think I need 5..Im sure we/me can manage this..I think its a kick ass idea!!!!!!!! like a happy birthday/tribute to the CITY!!!!!!! the everloving home of blades! :D
  7. OK....AYE....and there\'s an echo, if that helps!

  8. so what are you saying? no andi? I wanna hear echos, but likc a bunch, two of your (come on rmjl, gimme that maybe taco bell yell) and andi...well, I think i just like to catch her YAY in person. AS LONG as *you can vouche for her....;) girl, girls, got my YAY ;)
  9. I think a city hoilday is a good idea i always though of 7/20 as the second 4/20 cause my birthday is 7/21 and so it is a mix 7/20 lol.
  10. I wanna vote but ima guy.
  11. i had to vote, i was curious
  12. u could of just pressed view results next to the vote button. You didnt have to vote to see the results.
  13. whoa
    the truth is reavled
    5-15 times a week! that rivals me even, lol

    Next time a girl says, ooh thats nasty I\'d never do that
    I now know they mean almost daily :p

  14. thats the truth!
  15. someones gotta show the boys what buttons to push, and how.
    not that id evvver do that ;)

  16. I\'ll touch you down there so you don\'t have too!!!!!!!!!1

  17. nasty? yeah they\'re definitely lying
    unless nasty = fun
  18. I have 9 new heelers added to the family a month ago!

    Must be something going on around here huh?

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