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  1. sorry for the cheesy title but the whole time i've been on this site that songs been stuck in my head... but what's up everybody i had the brilliant idea to join the club today because i'm tired of paying up to $400/oz/ a month (yea... lol) on bud and my friend showed me a youtube video sat morning n i pretty much didnt leave my couch after that all weekend except to go to the bathroom... i need help figuring out the best number of plants for my stealth space for my desired yield... shall we proceed?

    now i've been like a damn sponge for the last 3 days reading and watching everything i could so i learned a ton...and it killed me at work today because i couldnt go n look at this forum all day for obvious reasons haha.. i even made a little stealth 14x14x22 inch (inner dimensions) filing cabinet box sunday with the trap side door yada yada... the shell's about to be done, but i cant proceed with my design because i cant figure out how many plant setup is best for me... honestly, i'll end up going overboard so price isnt really that big of a concern to me at least on the important components but i want to be as efficient with my hard earned dollar as possible...

    this is going to be an all in 1 box with future plans to be the veg box of a 2 stealthbox duo... but thats later on so... back to the all in 1 box... its 1x1x2 and i'd like to do the hydroponics... i'm handy enough to put it together myself and i'll be making my own kit once i finally figure out how many plants im going to grow... im open to whatever hydro system, lighting needs, kinda hvac ( i dont really want to go too overboard with like an ac climate control thing, but i will have exhaust and intake fans for proper ventilation... ) i'd like to keep it more on the simple side with my first box, so i guess id also prefer lights that gave the least heat... (havent figured out still if hps or cfm is hotter but anyway)... im very flexible with what i have to do to get my best yield...

    like i said, i smoke about a oz a month so..... given the 2-4 month grow time what's my magic number so i can finally figure out the rest of this stuff and get busy because its driving me nuts that i havent gotten further yet... . thanks so much for the help everybody and its nice to join the club haha...
  2. I'm no pro but I've got similar dimensions and I'm just going to do 1 plant and LST or scrog it to try and get the full potential of my space. One of the real OG growers may have better advice.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Yea I saw the rule of thumb was a plant per square foot or cubic foot I forget which 1 n thought 1 maybe 2 all the way to flower but wasnt sure if I was pushing my luck... Then I see people with the little pc boxes doing like 3... Im gonna lst and stuff to max out growing as well but should I go for more small plants not as big or one maybe two to get the most value out of my space...

    Im germinating a few seeds I found in my last oz of some fire (idk the strain) and I never get seeds in em usually so I might try to grow these to get more seeds aince thsy didnt come from dirt and I dont wanna buy any till I have a better idea of what im doing... I guess thats another side note n I can just start cloning when that happens, but yea whats my number for plants for my setup? More smaller plants or less bigger ones? Thanks everybody!!!
  4. 1 plant, like above poster said LST, SCROG or tie it down. Youd want to grow out a few plants to atleast flower to make sure you get an actual female to work with. To start I would do 4 plants, at flowering time you should normally end up with half females, so lets say you get 2 females. Pick the best one (to your preferences) and kill off the rest or put them on a window sill and water them once in awhile. (gives you a few weeks to play around see if you want to add another female in there or if your first plant dies, backups)

    But your space is barely big enough for a single plant, they start out tiny but OHHH do they get big :) Most PC grows have twice the space you do, or even more if its an older tower case.

    Is your 1x1x2 space counting the space the lights are going to use? The hydro tubes and res? Everything else thats going to get in the way? Fans, filters and whatnot? I think youll end up with closer to 1x1x1 foot of growing space unless youve got some crafty skills and very cool lights. (even with CFLs you have a minimum of 2 inchs for the bulb width and thats if its a the top and sideways.

    hps, CFM is cubic feet per minute usually, CFL maybe?

    For that small of a box, LED or CFL is about the only way to go in my opinion.

    You may be able to get an oz a month if you harvested 4-6 ozs per harvest from that box. I dont see that happening though. You either need a larger box for more plants and space or really knowing what your doing and maximizing growth for the plant.

    All my opinion though!

    So to shorten it all up,
    1 plant
    CFL for lights
  5. thanks for the response... i might have to go back to the drawing board regarding what im gonna grow in... i dont want to go through all this and my yield ends up real low... so its the 1x1 base dimension thats limiting my number of plants right? im looking into buying some older style floor speakers since i have some music equipment in here that it will blend in good with... (like big enough to house the 15 inch woofers so if its a square and lets say 18x18 base and about 3 ft tall... would i be better off dividing it in half like a two story unit and put a veg and a flower chamber in each for each speaker? or is that buying too much equipment to make 4 grow chambers because that way im envisioning 2 plants in each veg room or 4 total? i dont want a big increase in my power bill so thats concern number 1... i live in an apartment, so i want to be as stealthy as possible or i just would have bought a used closet armoire type thing divided in half so i have plenty of room for 2-3 plants... i dont even like the filing cabinet idea that great because god forbid if somebody came in and tried opening it and it didnt (looks locked) and was like open it... then im up the creek.. i know thats paranoia but the worrying keeps me on my toes and ahead of the game so i think i should listen to the voices in my head haha

    my dimensions of 14x14x 24 are for the inside of the shell with no components, so upon complete fit out, i plan on only having about a cubic foot like you said i guess give or take a little and i was gonna lst and all that good stuff to max the plant growth out for my little space... and i cant believe that those little stealth pcs have more room, unless the rectangular shape allows for more plants to grow since theyre side by side... thanks so much for the help and letting me bounce my thought process off you guys...
  6. Using CFLs and this not being a 10 plant grow, youll be fine power consumption wise.

    Ever think of a used dresser? Large tall style filing cabinet? Anything around the house that can be glued shut can work and its stealthy as pie! Who is going to root through your dresser or your personal files for no reason?

    Unless you have 40 inchs of grow space (vertically) I wouldnt split any chamber you get, youll need to maximize your flowering for better buds. In your situation with stealth being important I would use the same box for everything, veg them all and then flower them all in it. You could always make a mother chamber/ veg box out of something else that is smaller (maybe your box you already made) and then just use a larger speaker box for flowering.

    Yeah PC cases are longer so more can fit :) Its still a micro grow situation though I wouldnt expect something major out of that.

    A dresser with front doors glued shut is stealthy. Put it in a closet, even better! If someone asked you to open your file cabinet (if you had one) and they werent the police, you politely say noooooooooooooooooooooo and proceed to stare at them blankley until they leave.

    I am guessing you live with other people if your worried random people will open your things. You could still use a dresser or file cabinet and gut only most of it so one or 2 drawers are still functional.

    Floor space is important and once you have your footage on the floor the vertical height to me is next important. So just find something with enough base size for your amount of plants then get it tall enough. (with more base floor space and you keeping them low, you could even fit more plants in something nearly the same size as you have now)

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