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Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Dude, Caesar and Cleopatra are wanting to eat every other day. They are never like this. How often do you feed yours? I'm beginning to think they're spoiled.
  2. well, to start, mine's between 3 and a half and 4 feet long... so he gets 1 small rat every week. he usually shits it out after 4-5 days, so i know he'll eat again when it's feeding time... if he doesn't shit, i wait until he does (sometimes the rats are kinda big and it takes him longer to digest).

    how long are they and how what do you feed 'em (size of food would help)?
  3. They are both a little over 4 and Cleo won't eat rats so they both eat 2 or 3 fat mice each time I feed them. I fed them yesterday and I know if I offered them mice right now that they'd eat them. They usually eat twice a week but they're both being insatiable, right now.
  4. did you try hamsters? teddy bear hamsters are about the right size, but they run like $6 a piece.

    always keep in mind that snakes can live for weeks without food. so if you give 'em each 3 or 4 fat mice once a week they should be fine. ya don't really wanna overfeed 'em.

    i wish dirtyD was here. he knows a lot more about snakes than i do.
  5. Oh yeah, I know...they can go forever without eating. I think I just spoiled them. I'll make them wait whether they want to or not. I was basically wondering if maybe there was a real reason why they are wanting to eat so much.

    oh yeah... hamsters!!! Dude, I got rid of some of my other snakes simply cause they'd get big enough to eat little rabbits. Uh cute little teddy bear hamsters will be food in my house. :( Mice are different...don't say they aren't cause they are!!!!

    Thanks for your advice. I gotta go to sleep, now!!!

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