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Attn: Best desktop w/ whip? 10-year box just broke :(

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CAPT.CHRONIC420, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. #1 CAPT.CHRONIC420, Feb 25, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
    Hey Guys,

    Just made my grand return to GC after 4 years MIA. Need a favor from the vapor bros out there... any Vets?! :geek:

    I've had a Vaporite Hyper VR-003 since 2008. It has worked flawlessly- old faithful! And then the other day... turned the knob and the temps went haywire up and down, then read HH got really hot, now only reads LL and doesn't do anything! :eek:

    For those unfamiliar, it's got both C & F temps side by side, with set and current temps stacked on top each other so you know it's ready besides hearing the fan (used to beep but that feature gladly broke many years ago). Once it reaches the desired temp within 2 mins, draws air, bringing the temp down and eventually shutting off the fan. These cycles last a minute so it's just enough time to get a hit or 2 then repack the whip in between. :inlove:

    I like to use a small amount about .15 and then gradually add more flavs as I work up the dial to higher temps. I start low to get the FLV and THC (since THC9 is on the low temp side at 157C/314F) then work my way up to the CBDs if it's night time. It's a great way to maximize potential! :thumbsup:

    :geek:Anyways, for the past week I have been hunting a replacement for the vaporite. First I looked for the same thing, which seems they went out of business within the past few years because the last mention of their products in forums was 2014. 3 emails to their company got crickets...

    After the Vaporite Hyper VR-003, they came out with a Mini, a Blown, and a 6th Element. The blown is the same with a bigger fan draw. All updated models got rid of the dual display and the dial. BUT those are unavailable too! The only vape still available on vapor sites is the original Easy Vape! :excl:

    Got Vape carries an Easy Vape Deluxe, which is similar but costs a staggering $150. It has no fan and is tilted towards the heating element, most likely causing burnage. Pretty ridiculous when my Vaporite Hyper only cost me $85 going back 10 years ago! :(

    :confusedalt:Bottom line is I want a desktop with a whip. I have a custom 2 piece with a long chamber that is awesome to pull from and makes cleaning simple! I love that I can pop it out at any time and it's not hot. The only thing comparable that is not EV is the original Vaporfection Stealth, but of course they don't make them anymore either. IDK why they had to go digital to Vivape when it worked fine!

    :blink:I've done my research including these forums and have found the top recommended desktop to be the Arizer Extreme Q. I don't like that it needs a female to female that needs clamps to take it out and repack. It's got 2 extra steps to use and I can't use MY whip. For $200, I think that's a rip. Being in 2018, anything over $150 should be portable so the Pax 3 might be the direction I head in.

    If you have read this far and you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop a line. Although it may seem that I have my mind made, I will certainly take any feedback positively and research into it. This is a serious problem for me right now! I have watched all of the Vape Critic's vids on YT and I just need some non-biased feedback. :thankyou:

  2. I've tried both the extreme q and the silver surfer. The silver surfer wins hands down

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  3. I own an Easy Vape, and have used more expensive units made by Vaporite. The easy vape is wildly inaccurate. I’ve started fires with it set to 340. That shouldn’t be possible.

    If you want something simple that will take your whip(I’m fairly sure,) go with a Vapor Bros.

    I’ve been vaping for almost 20 years now, and my first was a Vapor Bros. I’ve almost always had one ever since. I have others that see more use now, but they have a pretty great warranty, and will restore any unit for $50 regardless of warranty status, which is pretty cool. Legit company. Nobody talks about them because they aren’t trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

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  4. Salutations Capt.Chronic420,

    M'well, you asked for it! And since i happen to have a few pictures handy i'll just spare everyone and illustrate my story with just a few pictures instead:





    Some 3 weeks later i ended up giving it away as gift, without its vaporist accessories because i felt more appropriate to ensure it remains what it's always been meant for by design anyway:



    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  5. Hey Floaterdork, I agree the Easy Vape was never accurate with temps that's why I was weary to get it. After speaking with Vitolo, we agreed Vapor Bros was the way to go. I have never had a problem with my Vaporite and I think the temps are always accurate.

    I use 119 and 134 (C) for antiinflammatory cuz I don't take advil! Then I use 157 for when I want to activate that straight THC euphoria. I usually don't though, skipping straight to 165 for the CBDs antispasmodic ailments - this one also helps with nausea and inducing hunger. All of my vapies are yellowish green. Rarely do I go brown and if I do it's because I was lazy with repack. Thanks for the heads up with the VaporBros- that warranty sounds excellent! :thumbsup:

    This thread might be dead now... After not having a vape for 3 days, trying smoking and absolutely HATING IT, my electronics expert friend tore the box down with me and used some copper wire to make some replacement pins for the temp dial that had popped out of place. We are back in business - minus the assisted fan. He says he has to diagnose the chip and reverse engineer it to work again. I am still using it in the time being ;)

    Egzoset, sweet setup! A little to chaotic for me... I'm sure it's wicked though! Can't imagine bong rippin my vape - I would be incapacitated! :roflmao:
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  6. The Vapor Bros really is an under appreciated classic. And while they haven’t made any functional changes to the *machine* in 15 years, they’ve made some serious improvements to their whip(the best whip on the market imo, and if you check it out I think you’ll agree.)

    Swapping out screens is a cinch. And a lot of people forgot when the GonG version came out that it wasn’t designed to be a session vape. People were always supposed to remove the whip in between hits for ideal results.

    The way the whip is built now, a fully packed chamber still keeps the material a good inch away from the heating element. So if you’re only leaving it for long enough for maybe 2-3 draws, it doesn’t give the glass time to heat up and start conducting. Meaning that when used properly, it’s a convection vape.

    The fact that it’s been on the market for so long also means that there has been 20 years worth of consumer testing done with the machine, so while it doesn’t have a digital readout, charts can be found that will give you a *very* good idea of what temp is found at what “o’clock.”

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  7. Hi again Capt.Chronic420,

    Accurate? Actually i wonder if it's even supposed to be thermostatic. Ask the NASA boy to look for any signs of a temperature sensor thermally coupled to its heater in order to "close" a thermostatic control loop, for starters... It's not the 1st time this matter comes around without ever concluding with clear evidence. For all i know it could be similar to heat control on a kitchen stove, just show us a temperature sensor which proves otherwise! Not that i really care for the Easy Vape... Simple curiosity.

    Why not just release a bouquet of all those precious noble molecules using a brief/potent burst of heat (in pulse mode), perhaps around 185 ~ 190 degrees Celcius, or even slightly beyond (YMMV), just to make certain it's all there in a single blast!... Thermalization ain't instantaneous in solids, exploit such convenient limitation of matter!


    Baking is bad anyway: that generates tar/cauldron and this can be proven via extraction from vaporized left-overs. Unfortunately all Hot Dry Air Ovenizers imply baking i would think.

    That was felt necessary to compensate for the Hot Dry Air Ovenizer design, which is the main reason why i didn't want to keep it around. Not to mention it didn't fit a pocket, nor a wallet or even something larger that's still portable...

    At first my FogBong strategy gave me some divine pleasure playing with it, but after a week i found i had only managed to delay the outcome. It made me feel miserable, eventually.

    M'well, until i understood what to focus on that includes Inlet Water. This most appropriate juxtaposition of contrasting materials, for example:

    Silicon Carbide

    Stainless Steel​

    Simple and most effective once suitably laid out in a structure such as this:

    "LAVA" Hybrid Core​

    The SiC layers behave mainly as thermal insulators on the outer edges while its aerial path remains static, once things are set in motion the shielding feature provided by this core's Metal Disc transforms into a radiator function... That Metal Disc blocs a significant part of the radiative heat captured from a flame's corona, via some Flame-Catcher; this Metal Disc also stores a valuable fraction of all injected heat temporarily, until it's actively depleted some brief time later. A fine Brass Screen topping the bowl acts as a secondary shield by dispersing heat bursts more evenly around the radial axis, in order to delay hot spotting, a sure sign of baking...

    What's so nice about such sandwich contraption is the fact that this is compatible with extra-hot gases as H2O and CO2 resulting from clean-burning butane torch flames, while also compatible with electro-magnetic Induction (e.g. Bi-Energy design)... Yet there are no corrosion concerns so far and it's been a long while! Not to mention the specific heat capacity of those gases are superior to unity as for dry air, which means the mix gets "potentiated" consequently to the increased heat transport capacity. Which in turn makes heat transfers faster, paving the way to pulse mode power scenarios. Etc., etc.

    As suggested the Bi-Energy structure can be turned electric using wireless Induction Heat - that would only make the treat more enjoyable with the added benefit of heat charge "packetization", by virtue of the Hybrid Core's mix of specific heat capacity, mass and aerodynamics which NASA boy is most welcome to explain to me if he feels like it. As if that's not a working principle already.

    So, why waste so much energy merely to over-heat material not even required in the process? Instead of balloons filling for long minutes just think of the shortest path of lesser transformation using a "1-Hitter" that cools off promptly right after inhalation, to help "conserve" the goodies further.

    The release of some fairly tasty cannabic fog can be done in a matter of seconds instead of minutes, in addition minimized baking has advantages. Etc., etc.

    M'well, come back next month so we can repeat the same things again...

    Good day, have fun! :D
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  8. #8 Rezerg, Mar 10, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
    Airizer extreme q. Does whip and balloons and has forced air. I see you stil have absolutely no idea what youre doing Ez. Nice to see things havent changed. I enjoy where your picture says you add moisture but no water. lol

    I do wish however that you wouldnt overrun threads into your own subject. Like helping find someone a new vape,
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  9. Talk to me ignorant.
  10. The only thing that's ignorant is your understanding of how vaporizers work. Thats why you stay here, trying to get someone to listen to you instead of the forums I've linked you to many times with actual scientific findings and experiments on vaporizers and making them. Your continued effort to pass on wrong information is at the very least amusing. What is NOT amusing is when you hyjak other peoples threads in order to do so.
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  11. #11 Egzoset, Mar 10, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018

    Hummm... So many words saying so little on the vaporizer that was evoked previously! M'well lets give the OP some 360 degrees perspective for his trouble!...


    First things 1st. About the Arizer Extreme-Q, the Arizer V-Tower or even the Arizer Solo for that matter (...), one most obvious feature all Arizers share since at least 2008, to my knowledge, happens to be their intimately coupled Fresh Air and Electronics Ventilation inlet paths, which actually explains quite clearly why my packaging label was marked - and i quote verbatim, as previously illustrated:

    « Hot Air Generator / PotPourri Warmer »

    Sure enough, such aroma-therapy appliance simply had ZERO need for separate air-tight paths whatsoever and that's all there is to it. M'well, until an adapter kit was eventually added in order to conveniently transform that thing into a table vaporizer somehow - which, by the way, also boosted its mercantile value...


    In other words, the basic reason why they're all flawed by design is just because that was no vaporizer in the 1st place and hence its internal layout naturally reflects this evidence: after all why should Arizer's convenient juxtaposition cause any concern in absence of a lungs path?!...


    Too bad every new edition perpetuated a most fundamental error of concept when it comes to vaporizers: e.g. to force customers to ventilate electronics hardware while inhaling, to save on material and components. E. G. insufflate electronics by intimately sharing the same air with it, to please a manufacturer who never dared consider corrections!...

    Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Bolt

    Honestly that's quite foolish to repeat misguided decisions ad nauseam and hope it may still sound trivial a decade later. Deceitful is too kind a word for people pretending their favourite design ain't fundamentally flawed!

    Now about equally deceitful attitudes... Dear OP, i sincerely wish you take note of what's to face when dealing with self-serving gurus and their friends, who often import their "social" content from FC/VA for the most part.

    Those people rely on a vertical socio-toxic culture which is compatible with Arizer expecting their clients to trust them with live human lungs, even after a computer fan was added to create some deluxe forced-air option... Repulsive! Conceptually and ethically...

    How much cannabis does that thing consume each day anyway? 1½ to 2 g perhaps? Any idea how many tokes i get with similar amounts?? How much time is recentered on the user instead of paraphernalia? How much time is saved doing so!...

    Still can't choose to use the [ Ignore ] list where i put you long ago, hey?! M'well in itself that's amusing indeed, euh... Yano.


    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  12. I'm partial to my old Vapor Brothers hands-free. I've had it for well over a decade (15/16 years?). It has stood up to a lot of abuse- my husband somehow manages to catch his foot on the cord, bringing the vape crashing down, more often than you'd think. Yet it still keep chugging along!

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  13. Ez you misunderstand everything you possibly can regardless of facts. You are not a good scientist. If anyone even listens to you, they chance causing harm to themselves and others. If you would actually listen to peopkes criticisms instead of thinking people are against you for some reason but instead you get defensive and go harder into the nonsensical science or what you think is science. There are facts alrwwady out there and information you keep overlooking. You get about 10% of your info correct in the first place. I could and have shown you why its wrong and you continue to not listen. Not listening to facts while determinjng your answer is not how things are suposed to be done.

    Your ego is killing any chance you have at being right.
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  14. [​IMG]

    This makes me feel a lot less like a dude who likes to get high and way more like a drug-addict. Lol

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  15. Salutations FaceMeltr,

    Indeed, the sight spells FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED by DESIGN. Welcome to Arizer planet!


    That's the main reason why i couldn't possibly depart from it in exchange of money... That would have felt cheap if not unethical!

    Now, about Mr [ Ignore ] and fans importing hate from FuckCombustion days.


    It's not too clever posting an obvious dual message that's scrambled with provocative hints of disrespect, like being consistently unable to write a 4-letters alias starting with capital "E" and no "accidental" typo over the last 3 remaining letters... Lets admit such childish running-gag has lost all its luster after 8 years. Not to mention i haven't logged on FC and similar for a long while simply because life's too short.

    So, about the serious stuff, why not get more specific and talk about that security argument which has been used in private exchanges to get entire dedicated threads removed, because an [ Ignore ] is too much to ask for some reason!


    It's so simple the reader will wonder how people can be manipulated like this and never realize it! No need to be NASA boy really, here it comes, brace yourselves.


    A cigarette has it's Heat Charge fueled continuously via the toxic self-poisoning combustion of paper + glue + vegetal substrate + nearly half of the noble molecules, only to manage releasing the other half into that very same dirty stream as described that is contained within a paper wall doubling as the collector conduit - while it lasts... The problem with such picture ain't just an matter of exhaust, it's also the fact that we can actually increase the Heat Charge between tokes as the fire never extinguishes ideally. In other words the cigarette/ "joint" format is wasteful and hence self-vilifying to begin with. Take note it won't burn anyone's lips until it's become so short its filter tip has caught fire as well!...


    Even a monkey knows that. So...

    My Customized/Modded VaporGenie Pipe relies on stored Heat Charges instead, which means inhalation only takes place AFTER i stop catching the superhot exhaust gases of clean-burning butane (e.g. fire = energy + H2O + CO2 and 15 ~ 30 ppm of "impurities" from the gas can), besides radiative heat, that is.

    As a consequence the Heat Charge cannot increase when it's ready for inhalation: "packetization" performed in a dynamic way allows brief storage of energy packets, so to speak, while their level has been determined by the interaction of parameters as specific heat charge, mass and aero-dynamic layout exploiting a phenomenon known as "adiabatic approximation", etc. Once adjusted to the end task-load it becomes increasingly improbable to risk any danger of skin burns. As for opaque clouds it's not my nature to exclude this range of application by design but yet i've made some conscious effort trying to reach a "Sweet Spot" where it's convenient to take advantage of the "Micro-Dosing" opportunity associated with some novel consumption mode that i tagged "LAVA" for short. Anyway, with wet cotton present in a Mating Junction and a moisturized path from Flame-Catcher to MouthPiece it's hard to imagine how the customized version would become more dangerous than the original, or even a simple cigarette for that matter. Why?? Because the packetized Heat Charge is limited and hence bowl size/weight too.

    Now keep in mind my butane-operated experiments are called "Plan-B" for a reason: in "Plan-A" there are 2 different ways to prevent excessive Heat Charges and one is practically fail-safe on top of being sturdy! Number 1 is metalurgical formulation of the Metal Disc acting as a Shield/Radiator (its Curie point is permanently fixed at the metal foundry!), so that's one less part at risk to break - and not an insignificant one at that! As for number 2 it's based on stealing heat-inducing pulses, which means the Curie point would define an alloy's 100 % output with a possibility to adjust heat below that limit. This implies that IH injection of Heat Charges would lead to precision replicable tokes time after time, which is the opposite of a panic situation where people's lungs melt down somehow...

    That ability to repeat generation of finite heat bursts is important in this experiment although largely theoretical, but in a context where users have access to "Plan-A" (IH) by preference and "Plan-B" only as a fall-back option, euh... Well, that means the acquisition of proper operator skills can be greatly/conveniently assisted using "Bio-Feedback" shared within some equally hypothetical on-line "Harm Reduction" group, for example. Fire-based performances would vary at random in comparison.


    In any case i've pushed approximative "packetization" as far as i could in order to enjoy aroma/taste appreciation more intensely and this required improved avoidance of "baking", even hot spotting to some practical degree. Using pulse mode the contact-surface is where a Heat Charge gets depleted 1st, larger bodies made of vegetal tissue infused with a multitude of oily precursors and many other substances are sufficiently resilient to open the door to a more selective consumption method where delicate fragrances are carried away early by the Release/Transport Agent before over-heating occurs - which differs radically from Hot Dry Air Ovenizing concepts...

    The funny thing here is to get chased around since 2010 and even read "informed" critics by individuals who can't resist expressing some obsessive hostility as their main motivation, while the consumption method is so novel i'm quite probably the only guy to have experienced it anyway. At least i guess even the VapoCane would still represent too far a stretch when compared to what this VG pipe has transformed into.

    We truly get a "Weapon of Mass Seduction" here: it's a mature substitute to cigarettes/"joints" with a Heat Charge that can only deplete, on a toke-by-toke basis with approximative "packetization" in "Micro-Bursting" mode... Explain the danger if you care.


    In conclusion, please Mr. [ Ignore ], stop pretending you can describe a landscape's vivid colours if you're born blind, so to speak!... Private Messages sent to brief eventual correspondents is cheating and that's worth the [ Ignore ] function as well. Enjoy the mediocre view from down down below, dude.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  16. You're right that vapor path is important. You're also right in regards to the arizer extreme allowing the air to pass through the electronics. But I've noticed that the solo is different. They have a separate path with that one.

    I happen to use a silver surfer. It's awesome. Extremely clean vaper path

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  17. Salutations WheatAndOats,
    Believe me i do appreciate it being set right when an update is in order. So, lets see if that's effectively the case, right here:

    Which is the 1st Arizer Solo version, right?...

    This is no air-tight confinement and since the 2 air masses are juxtaposed within a same enclosure i conclude those are actually coupled. I still need to see how the last version is different. Most certainly you'll understand that's rightful curiosity.



    By the way, here's an ingredient which i'm sure proves to be missing in any Arizer Solo:

    Which is even more acute when talking about "Inlet" Self-Moisturization with "Potentialization" making that a double feature... A vaporizer that implements the wrong concept, although to perfection, is still not right even if it's doing that with great quality. It remains "Hot Dry Air" for the "Release/Transport Agent", without the added benefit of superhot water in the Inlet path. You tell me how well the "baking" effect can be avoided by attempting an extraction from some large amount of spent vegetal material. M'well, when i tried that on 172 g from my HerbalAire the resulting half gram tasted/smelled quite repulsive: because of the "baking" effect. Yet i wouldn't complain the HA wasn't performing as intended, just that what was intended oh HerbalAire's blueprints didn't match my own customer's needs and requirements. The implementation was a fair deal but still not the best choice as i've later verified. Because of all those aspects mention above...

    In any case please don't hesitate to document the Arizer Solo Inlet path to its oven. It's about time i hear of this if it's how it looks! Thanks in advance.

    Not to mention that would be a radical U-Turn after all those years... Good for Arizer if they saw the light!

    Right?... ;)

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  18. The Extreme Q is an amazing vape. If you could see yourself out and about with a vape (as laws change) you could consider a Tubo Evic. Amazing vape That I use with a whip every day (as well as all-glass airpath when I want).

    Here is a review from Troy at 420Vapezone.com

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  19. 100% with Rezerg. People want easy answers to questions about vapes that they can you know, buy. Not maybe think about building a prototype for 12 years down the road after one has gotten 3 different engineering degrees.

    If homemade frankenvapes work for you, great. But don’t answer a question about a particular vape with “fuck your vape! Here’s this diagram that makes no sense followed by a rant that makes no sense!”

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  20. Salutations FloaterDork,

    Great, 'cause you're 100 % on my [ IGNORE ] list now and i'd strongly suggest this should be made reciprocal instead of pretending being justified to direct the choices of other readers. Unaware what's the real game around here.

    It's most peculiar witnessing Broken Lamps trying to perpetuate obscurity anyway...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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