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    so i have this friend right? she is absolutely beautiful...tottally down to earth...she smokes, she listens to good music, the whole nine yards....however...she DOESNT SHAVE HER LEGS....guys...please tell me would you still date this girl? heres a pic [​IMG]
  2. Looks dont matter in a situation like this.

    Hairy legs is a deal breaker.
  3. fuck no bro....i'm a sucker for sexy smooth legs...hell no!!!

    lol if i saw that shit i'd be like :eek: lmao
  4. first off, we'd need some clearer titties shots. Cant determine size

    secondly hairy are we talking?
  5. You don't see those legs when she's bent over backwards, no biggie.
  6. They're not super hairy and gross! Just blond hairs, still soft.. not even noticable.
    It's really THAT bad?

  7. OMG is that you?!?! That would be very awkward...but no to be honest I'd definitely do terrible things to that girl. She's good looking for sure.
  8. Huh .. Whattt. Dude just attempt to convince her to shave her legs. I mean , your the man here. Take control. If I were in your position and she still didn't wanna shave her legs .. I'd split. Can't imagine having hairy ass legs wrapped around me ... Hmm How bad is it though ? Just curious.
  9. I'd give her a shot if she was old enough, doesn't sound that bad and she has a nice face

  10. hahahahahaha i didnt think youd actually post on here
  11. this is funny lol
  12. hahahaha
  13. Ohh and LK i Definately Approve of this Thread:D
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    Assuming that xcccassandra is the girl OP is referring to, I have this question:

    Have you ever shaved your legs? I'm blonde, I wouldn't be able to stand wearing shorts in the summer.. even blonde leg hair looks beasty in the sun. I wouldn't rock the hairy legs. Personally, I like feeling smooth and feminine. But, everyone's different!
  15. lol who cares dude as long as you feelin her then go for it.. she even seems cool you posted about her hahha thats girls a keeper
  16. Yeah I used to shave.. but then I was like, why am I spending time/money on this? So I stopped a few months ago.

    It's fine.. I wouldn't ever describe it as 'beasty' LOL.
    I love the way it looks, very natural and golden. I am like, so surprised at how disgusted these people are. It's really not that big of a deal.. and I haven't had anyone point it out..

  17. ...uuhhhh....remember there was that one dashing fellow that said he didn't mind, remember?
  18. I just cant help but think that if she doesnt shave her legs,what else does she not shave? *shudders*:cry:
  19. Best response ever.

    .. you've almost made me want to go au natural,
    but wait, will my man bail over this? D:
    dun dun dun..

  20. Haha, it wouldn't be worth losing him :)

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