Attn ALL BLADES! Regarding the suicide threads... Your ONLY warning!

Discussion in 'General' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. It is not your place to tell the OP\'s they\'re just seeking attention, or they\'re weak/not strong, or whatever... Even if that IS the case, you have no way to know for sure, so keep your smart-ass comments TO YOURSELF. If you have nothing positive to contribute to the thread, stay the fuck out of it, click your \"BACK\" button.

    Consider this the final warning on this topic. If you chose to ignore this warning, you will be banned. Permanently! We have no room for insensitive, rude, and insulting people here.
  2. Agreed, this should be a rule with ALL threads. Posting in a thread just to put someone down should not be tolerated. It really shows the immaturity of the poster, and should be grounds for temp or perm bans after a warning.

    jus my 2 cents, because I\'m tired of reading it.
  3. Damn right man, people are just fucking around like its some sort of game. Lives are actually on the line...
  4. i agree totally, its just that someitmes people need tough love, and poeple need to hear things for the reality of things, but it is possible to give tough love and not be a dick about it!
  5. I must admit we don\'t need suicide threads. People should see a doctor or trained psychiatrist. Yet, if there are any we should give something positive to say. If not we could have bad consequences.
  6. But what you don\'t realize is that when you\'re in a state like that, you don\'t really WANT to see a \'shrink\', who is likely just as whacked as you are. I know there have been a couple times I\'ve started threads just looking for someone to talk to because I was on the edge, and needed something to take my mind off things for a little... Sometimes all it takes is someone who will listen, and respond like they sincerely care. Some people here don\'t seem to understand that, and I\'m willing to bet it\'s because they\'ve never been at such a low point...

    Not to mention some people do have chemical imbalances, in which case they have no control over their emotions like other normal people would. It\'s easy to say things like \"quit bein a baby\" or \"you\'re just weak\" when you don\'t struggle with these problems day in and day out your whole life...
  7. Cottons, you just made this thread for attention, didn\'t you?

  8. I get what your saying by people need a place like the City to get any help possible and which is the greatest thing about this forum. But to see 2-3 suicide threads in just one day makes me mad. Its not something I wanna see. One of them had hardly any explanation, like its a joke or a test to see how the people on the City reply. I\'m just upset about it. I think it should be a temporarily thing.
  9. :laughing: That was a good one...

    Actually, yeah, I did, though. I made it to bring attention to the fact that some of our members have been acting very disrespectful to some of our other members, and it\'s going to stop.
  10. Even if it IS a joke... There\'s still that chance that it\'s not. What if someone told someone to \'quit bein a baby\', because they thought the person was just playing a sick joke, and said person went and offed himself \'cause he was actually serious?

    Suicide isn\'t something to joke about, and it\'s certainly not something to be cold and insensitive about! The disrespect will NOT be tolerated. Period.
  11. Well, I agree with this desicion, in a sense. But, it\'s just hard to believe that someone wanting to kill themselves are going to post about it on the internet. How many times have you seen the thread starters actually killing themselves? It\'s different if the member is saying he\'s at the end of his rope, depressed, not knowing what to do, perhaps suicide is my only option. But, most of the threads are saying, goodbye, Im killing myself now.

    That being said, Its just my opinion. But the rules are the rules. So don\'t worry bout it from me. :smoke:

    P.S. Maybe instead of suicide threads, they can post in the new GC helpline. Maybe the staff can consider this...
  12. Good, I\'m glad this is in place. I hate reading those topics and people are saying -ooo man up your weak blah blah blah.

    Suicide is a very serious thing, people AREN\'T fuckin around.

    I\'d like to applaud the mods on their decision:

  13. Eh. I\'ve been there myself, a few times. They come here because there\'s a shred of sanity left in us, and the members can help build on this. People have come quite close on here, to actually carrying out their plans. After I posted my thread, I went outside with my glock, held it to my head, and pulled the trigger. Now tell me why the safety was on... It got me thinking.
  14. like I said before lets just create a section in the forum entitled \"Suicide Threads\"
  15. Good point. I\'ll bring it up and see how it goes. Thanks.
  16. I didn\'t realize that Spaz. Sometimes I can come off a little harsh with things I say, but I always mean the best. I wouldn\'t want someone to take their life for an unjust cause, I mean I can understand euthenasia, and assisited suicides in some cases.

    I should make an effort to understand it, because to me it just seems so strange why someone would.
  17. It\'s allright man. I have A LOT of trouble seeing other people\'s views, and it gets me in trouble sometimes. I\'ve learned life is a gift, and we need graciously accept it.
  18. As previously stated, sometimes people jus need someone to talk to. I\'ll admit, alot of times suicide threads are started by \"attention whores\" but you don\'t know that for a facr, which, if you gave them fucked up advice thankin it was a joke, it could end drastically, suicide aint a game, it aint a joke, and it\'s not fucking funny. It\'s a serious matter. Some people cannot cope with problems as either as others and think the only way out is to kill themselves. Trust me, I\'ve been there, but I\'d think about my mom and sister, and my family cryin. Then I\'d think about all my homies bein depressed, and THEN I think about what I might miss if I *DID* do it. Say, seein my lil sis grow up, or my niece and nephew growin up, and shit. You know? Shit makes me depressed just thinking about thinking about it.
  19. Bumpin this so everyone can see it... I don\'t think we need another stickie, so I\'m just gonna try to keep this near the top.
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