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  1. here's a good way of doing it

    Materials you'll need:
    2 medium sized glass containers (mason jars will work)
    (mark each of the jars as "A" and "B")
    acetone (or even rubbing alcohol will work, but not as well)
    (you need pure acetone, get it from a hardware store)
    a quantity of marijuana (from a gram to pounds, 1/2 ounce used here)
    a 1' by 1' piece of strong cloth with no holes
    decent ventilation in the work area
    small eye-dropper bottle (ones used for contact lenses work GREAT!)
    low heat source (electric eye of stove on LOW setting)
    Step 1
    Chop up your weed very finely, scissors or a razor blade work fine
    Once it's almost a powder, dump it into the mason jar marked "A". Now
    pour enough acetone into jar "A" to cover the weed and allow it to float
    freely. Put the cap on jar "A" and shake vigorously for a few minutes.
    Let sit for 5 minutes then open the jar slightly to release the slight air
    pressure Repeat the last 2 steps 5 times. The acetone should have turned
    a medium green/brown color. Open the jar and examine the weed, if any of
    the leaves have tiny glistening "beads", repeat the shaking process a
    few more times.
    Step 2
    Get the jar labeled "B" and place the cloth over the mouth and press
    into the jar making a funnel. Hold the cloth on the jar so it doesn't
    move and pour the contents of jar "A" onto the funnel. A light green fluid
    will collect in jar "B". There should be NO solid matter in jar "B", but
    a small amount of very fine weed is ok. Gather the edges of the cloth,
    careful not to spill any solid matter in jar "B". Squeeze and twist the
    lump of wet weed until most of the liquid has drained into jar "B".
    Dump the weed back into jar "A" and pour the same amount of acetone on
    the weed as in step 1. Repeat the same steps (cap, shake, wait, vent gas)
    the same number of times. There should be absolutely no tiny glistening
    beads on the leaves this time Repeat step 2 (this one: cover jar with cloth, make funnel, pour, NO
    solid matter in jar "B", squeeze lump of wet weed). This time just store
    the weed wherever, we won't need it any more You should have twice as
    much liquid in jar "B" as before It should smell slightly of pot and if
    you shake it, it should form colorful oily bubbles on top. Don't worry if
    there is a small amount of of dark powder on the bottom of the jar.
    Step 3
    Now we have to reduce this liquid in jar "B" to a manageable
    consistency. Acetone evaporates very quickly but if you're in a hurry you
    can "cook" it down. I suggest using a metal container since glass may
    shatter over heat, losing all your work. If you decide to cook it down,
    read step 3a below. For now I assume you want to wait. Place jar "B" in
    a ventilated place that's about room temperature or slightly warmer. NO
    extreme temperatures. Give it until it reduces to a greenish/brown
    slightly thick liquid, or till you can't smell acetone anymore Now you
    have your final product! Put the resulting liquid into your eye dropper
    bottle Read "Smoking Instruction" below.
    Step 3a
    So you have very little patience and want to get a buzz NOW eh?
    I don't blame you :) Get a metal measuring cup and pour the liquid into it.
    Set your ELECTRIC stove on LOW to MEDIUM LOW setting. Never use gas stove
    with acetone, it'll explode! If you have a fan over the stove, now's a good
    time to use it. Place the metal container on the eye of the stove The
    liquid should get hot but NEVER boil. Swirl the liquid around to keep it
    from sticking or burning. When it gets to a consistency of blood or hot
    Karo Syrup, turn off the heat and remove the metal container. Don't let it
    get too thick or you'll have to add a little acetone and start over. Let it
    cool down, it should get slightly thicker, if not then don't reheat it.
    A good rule is: it should be about as thick as cooking oil in its cool form.
    Carefully pour the liquid into your eye dropper bottle THAT'S IT!
    Smoking Instruction
    (NOTE: when smoking this oil in any form, never let flame come in contact
    with the oil, this destroys much of the THC. Just get it nice and hot)
    Clean up your mess before smoking, you may have to explain why a rag
    of wet marijuana is on your kitchen table ;) Wash out all the jars with
    water diluted acetone mixture Clean out the metal container (if used) the
    same way. Throw away the cloth. etc etc.
    Materials I recommend:
    - piece of aluminum foil molded into the shape of a small spoon
    (should be about 3" long with a "bowl" about 1" wide)
    - a disassembled Bic pen, use the white tube piece
    - a stationary flame (small butane torch, or even a candle, or lighter)
    - your eye dropper bottle with liquid inside
    Now you can do many things with the resulting stuff in your eye dropper
    bottle :) The recommended method is to place 4-8 drops of the THC liquid
    into the aluminum foil spoon. Hold the spoon a few inches above the flame
    source, it'll boil for a minute Once you see the liquid in the aluminum
    foil spoon turn dark brown, it's a few seconds from vaporizing. You should
    also hear a slight crackling sound. Get the white tube about 1" over the
    spoon and begin to inhale slowly. You should see the fine white mist
    coming up from the black area where the liquid was. When you have just
    about a lungfull of mist, remove the spoon from the heat but continue to
    inhale (no sense losing any THC). You'll immediately feel the effects of
    the mist. Be warned, THC smoked in this manner delivers about 5 times as
    much THC to the blood as compared to smoking a joint. Notice there is
    little or no smell of pot immediately after doing this. You should
    notice, when smoking it, that you can taste sweetness on your tongue; it
    just so happens that THC isn't an icky tasting drug. Repeat the steps
    above as many times as you like, and depending on how many drops you used,
    you may still have some THC left in the spoon after the FIRST time! Heat
    it up good and hot and see :) I found absolutely NO harmful side-effects
    from smoking THC in this manner. i.e no red-eye, no coughing up sticky
    tar, etc. I did notice a more severe "cotton mouth" feeling, though I
    attribute this to simply getting "more fucked up".
  2. i did it this way a few times because i didn't trust the butane method either this seemed better because all of the acetone you actually put it will evaporate
    after we're done we usually rub some of the oil all over a big presidential style blunt and we get soooooooooo high then we'll smoke another one or two more if we got it and we dont have to worry about coming down because i usually go to sleep way before i come down
  3. hey that sounds bad ass man, could you aquire acetone at like Ace hardware? I plan on trying that out and about how much hash oil does a half ounce make?
  4. i use the butane extraction method on a regular basis, it is faster , cleaner, and most importantly safer than acetone or iso or any other alcohol based accelerator.... all u need is a copper tube 1" -1-1/4" diameter between 12-15" long caps for both ends 2 cans of butane approx. 2 onces powdered shake and about 1-1/2 hours... a good post for butane extraction is on erowid.. good luck

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