Attitudes June Jam Promo

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  1. so whos ordering when the promo is going on, and have you grown any of the free strains that come with the promo? which were the best? what was your setup,yield, any info you would like to give or any tips?

  2. Lemme guess, it is full of G13, HSO, Dinafem, & WOS offerings.
  3. yepp pretty much..but the way i see it is if your going to buy seeds why not get more for what you pay for, nut thats jus me and i want to collect
  4. The last promo worth buying was the DNA/Reserva Privada earlier this year.
    All that g13, HSO, dinafem, WOS is freebis is just bleh.  
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    I still have tons of seeds from the january promo, got so many freebies, only germinated 2 seeds of just 1 strain that I bought, rest was from reserva privada and dna.
    I don't really need more genetics at the moment, and g13, hso, dinafem, and wos don't really peak my interest so I don't think i'll order.
  6. who sells the best seeds in you guys opinions?

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    TGA Subcool, Gage Green Genetics, Cali Connection, Mr.Nice, Kens, Dynasty Seeds, Eskobar, Next Generation, etc....

    G13, WoS, DinaFem, HSO, etc... are not actual breeders, they're resellers who buy bulk, and overstock. Then renamed and sell em. They spend more time on packaging & advertising then breeding or quality checking.Also G13 is owned by Attitude.

    EDIT: don't let this stop you from ordering. Pollen chucking hacks or not,freebies are freebies.
  8. didnt know that info abt those companies...+rep for the info bro

  9. TGA subcool would be the only company I would trust because they are small and they give a shit. Large corporation are just in it for the $$$$
  10. well im glad i started this thread. i didnt know alot of what you guys are saying thanks for the

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