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  1. just wondering if i should be swetting this,but i just recieved today part of my order from attitude,take in mind this is my first time on line seed purchase,they sent my shirt and nothing else,so i checked the other part of my order and its still in the port of new york,is this part of there stealth shipping by shipping 2 diffrent pakgs,if so why,it could be the weed im smoking but i have a bad feeling about this :confused:
  2. sounds like you are going to get a letter in the mail saying your stuff was seized by the port of new york.
  3. email attitude bro..
  4. i hope not,i kinda went nuts with my spending because i wanted to get enough seeds of diffrent strains to play with thru the next three years,i didnt want to keep taking chances by ordering,i will wait a couple more days and see if they show up if not i quess im outta luck,i will email attitude and see whats the next move,i purchesed guaranteed shipping,this is why i was so weary about ordering seeds online,i hope this dosnt turn out to be a bad trip:(clutch
  5. You'll be ok. Other than a possible letter, there is very little possibility anything will come of it. Either way, Attitude will help you out with the replacement beans.
  6. they offer other stuff to bro..not trying to spill all the bean's here on the net though...
    but look, they have lot's of stealth option's...not but about 2 buck's for a really stealthy shipping method from attitude...

    attitude will prob make you wait the 21 day's until they re-send the order but i'd email them and let them know that my bean's were missing and what i did get...
    key to ordering bean's online is NOT to order a box full of them at one time...
    small order's pass easy this may be were you f'd up bro..
    but as far as i know the x-ray happen's before NY... before they go to put it on a plane or boat to the US...and NY is a sorting and proccessing center...some say it's custom's...research can only tell ya so much online ...
    worst case you get a letter...and if they resend them , get them split up better that way your not trying to get this mass of bean's in at once..
    i order there and single seed, the extra shipping shit is kind of a rip but at least your only really paying for the extra product they use to ship it to you in..
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    attitudes still really stealthy.. doesnt make sense they'd send the shirt w/o the beans tbh..
    **removed shipping method**
  8. thanks brothers for the reasurence,but i have good news my seeds came today:hello:very happy,now its time to get them ak-lowryder#2 germinated,if its not to late im gonna try the barneys farm lsd these will be out door grows,this turned out to be a good trip after all brothers:smoke:clutch
  9. As stated before. You should take down any posts with methods used for stealth shipping.
  10. Its not a matter of "some say Port of NY is customs" It is customs , no question of that.I know this as ive had to deal with them many times for other matters.
    Lots of my packages get held up there and some obviously searched,others not so obviously.
    Whats surprising is attitude would send 2 shipments , this is not how they operate to my knowledge,the whole idea of the tshirt is to conceal the beans.It defeats the purpose sending it seperatley.

  11. did you order a shirt, or is it Your shipping option? .. cause their seeds and the rest of their merchandise ( t shirts, mugs , etc..). ship from separate locations..
  12. i dont think attitude refunds beans caught at customs. its more for stuff lost in the mail or stolen. also when you use their guaranteed shipping you have to sign which sucks. i didnt even know and i was really thinking about telling them that i didnt order anything so i didnt have to sign. but ya my beans were there but it wasnt a large order.
  13. i think with the tude it says right on their site .....cups and shirts shipped seperetly....could be wrong...but i never understood why you would choose this option unless you want the shirt/cup?????????:confused:...some of the shirts kick thats cool....have always just regular ship with them...3 times....arrive in 6-10 day....always gets here before tracking updated....just the way it works to the se....use a gift card for sure.................your beans will arrive in less than 3 days i bet....hope so.....good luck:smoking:
  14. Glad your seeds came through!

    I never ordered from Attitude before. My grows have all been from clones and seeds from local dispensaries but my understanding is that Attitude will only replace those seeds that get lost/seized only if you pay the extra money for "Guaranteed Shipping". Am I correct?
  15. correct

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