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    Hello GC Members, After MUCH research I've decided to buy Mandala Genetics from Attitude Seed Bank. My strains are Mandala #1(for Social weed,Work mostly)[sativa dominant], and Hashberry(Nerve-calming,insomnia)[indica dominant]. Ok, Real question NOW. Has anyone Had a BAD experience using the express international its the one thats the middle option not the lowest but no the one with t-shirt. I want to know your experiences using OPTIONS other than guaranteed tealth. I know I sound like a cheap ass, But if aint broke dont fix it, and if the seeds come through anyways i dont need a tshirt and wasting money.
  2. stop being a cheap ass and get the guarenteed shipping.

  3.'s like $5.00 USD more
  4. cheapness is a disease.
    spend 5 dollars, it might go a very long way.
  5. I would recommend getting the shipping where they wrap your order in a shirt. I got a fuckin kick ass shirt and I got a few extra seeds on top of it. Its completey descreet and looks like its just a plain old shirt in the package so they do a good job. I got my order in 9 days total if you include sunday night last weekend as 1 day.
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    DONE!! Got a thread going on days of delivery thanx for yelling at me, really whipped my cheap ass into shape.

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