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  1. Packaging could be what it says on it, or coming from a certain country of origin might get more scrutinized. Customs is responsible for everything that comes into (or out) of the country. So if you are getting something that is contraband, it is their job to find it and confiscate it.

    I have ordered from various seed companies (attitude, kind, bcbd, ect...) I have never received anything from the post office, or customs for any seized items (they will open your package, take anything that you can't have out, and put in envelope with a nice little not saying something was seized and deliver anything that is left)

    I have had a problem with BCBD, ordered, never received, called, emailed, for months... nothing ever came from them or customs or post office. Was a lot of $$$.cc and nothing... will never do business with them again.. used them because the Sweet tooth that I grew was from them a few years back, and was excellent, but obviously there have been changes there in management / cust. service

    As far as using discreet shipping options, I have used the T-shirt before due to the 'guarantee', but have received items from other seed banks just in plain envelopes. I like the guarantee, and like the shirts they send... so comfort, and comfortable :)
  2. sorry.... but you can pay with a prepaid visa card. Got some afgan kush rider & blue mammoth from additude and can on 11/25/12 with no problems...
  3. Thanks for the answer, next time I should have my order sent somewhere elese, but its not like the rest of the population likes having weed seeds sent to their house either
  4. Last time my package came there was a cut a few inches on the side of. Not sure if someone did that to look inside. But my beans were hidden in a t shirt so i was good. DEFINITELY GET THE SHIRT. If you can't afford a shirt maybe you should not be ordering anything. Use the code 420 and save 10 percent!

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