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Attitude Seeds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bird seed, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Purchasing from attitude for the first time ever. I have had 2 bag seed grows and finally want to try quality genetics so that is why I ordered from Attitude.
    So when it comes to shipping im kind of confused what to choose. Should I choose Crush proof tin Or the Sweets?
  2. Either is fine really, are you in the us or uk? Cause if your in the us believe it or not customs doesn't really look into it all that much. I recomend what ever you do you get it shipped in a t-shirt. They send it in a small package that reads t-shirt and keychain. customs doesn't look twice ,and even if it does get spotted, just photocopy the letter customs sends you and send it to attitude and they with resend you another package.
  3. I did the t-shirt and tin
  4. Im from the Us. I dont know if i should get the t-Shirt thats pushing my budget because i need all my money for growing and the shipping is already expensive.wondering has anyone purchase without a t-shirt and it came successful.
  5. I feel ya dude, it's like another 15$ bucks. You don't have to, but I'm pretty sure if you don't do the shirt or something like that your not garenteed the reship if customs snags it. I've never got mine taken away but I have had friends of mine lose there package that way.
  6. damn dude. i mean yeah then i should just seeing whether or not its worth it but i guess it is.
  7. Its deff worth it to get the discreet shipping, on the off chance it does get seized, you gert a free re-ship.

    But the shirt works well, I recently tried the hemp bag, should be here soon.

    That sale they had a couple weeks ago was badass, 10 free seeds
  8. US here I have ordered twice using breeder packaging and a tshirt no issues whatsoever :)
  9. I purchase without any of the extras all the time with no issues. Wouldnt worry about it.
  10. Why take the chance of loosing the money you spent on the seeds? I just pay the extra money for the t-shirt and it comes without problem. What do you plan to do if the seeds get seized? It's you risk to take.
  11. here is my two cents. first order i had to attitude my beans got seized, because of picture documentation they sent me another order of my beans. but i didn't get a second t shirt. they sent them bare bones in a padded envelope. now my package with shirt got jacked but without didn't. its a total toss up for luck really. but i have been successful with them multiple times now.
  12. Never any problems with attitude or any other major bank. You ever hear of a huge "marijuana seed" bust? lmao
    (they just right down your address and send the state troopers 3-4 months after they spot your seeds, no worries)
  13. I got my seeds with the T-shirt. I also took advantage of the Christmas bash and got a total of 10 free seeds and 3 UFO freebies that were all feminized. I ordered the tins and they are cool looking. The one from Positronics even has the strain name painted on it. It will make a cool little pocket stash.
  14. When ordering..should you ship to your house with real info incase of re shipping issues? Or should you rent a P.O. box with shipping to Joe Schmoe? And what about cc info? Is a prepaid visa card recommended? All these little precautions cost extra $.. But it gives me peace of mind when I start getting paranoid those one or two months.. Will be a first time buying genetics for me also after 2 bag seed crops. Thanks for any input :smoke:
  15. Use your real info, and a real cc. You can't buy internationally with a prepaid, so it won't work. There's no need to be paranoid, you're legally buying a legal product. It's what you might do with it later on that's a problem.

    Their packages are rarely opened and checked, and even more rarely seized, at least in the US.

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  16. Funny you said that, the ONLY time friends of mine have had their beans taken, was when they ordered shirts.

    Its a fact, that larger packages take longer, giving more time in each place. A small padded envelope with no markings, moves rather quickly through the system. All my attitude envelopes came in breeder packs, and none were marked on the outside with anything that would seem out of the ordinary.
  17. Seeds are NOT legal
  18. What the hell is customs? Wondering because I had a order from nirvana that never came?
  19. lol.........US customs searches suspicious packages coming into the it
  20. Did... What would be a suspicious package tho

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