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Attitude Seeds + Visa Paypower = Declined transaction

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Hashish12, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all, is there something new about prepaid cards overseas?
    Ive place 2 orders about same time last year with prepaid visa travelmoney card and worked out great. Decided to order again using same type card but keep getting bank declined transaction. Called visa, they said country/site is restricted? also said Attitude is charging 80Euros not the 82dollars they are suppose to (which isnt available on the card). I emailed attitude letting them know and got reply from Laura that says " hi there only one order many thanks laura"
    WTF does that even mean? wheres jodie when you need her.
    i want to call them but dunno if i need a calling card?
    also wanted to know if anyone was able to use visa travelmoney paypower cards within the last month before i call them?
    cannot tell if decline is due to 80euros being charged or prepaid card is no longer allowed.
  2. seems like the card issuer has placed a security lock on the site location. Two reasons for locks being placed are repeat complaints of fraudulent charges OR the use patter was determined to be suspect and locked to protect you. For the second option a simple call to the card issuer from the registered home location for the card holder, with a verification that you are intending to make the purchase will unlock the card. I would call the Customer support for your card again. Explain the charge is not fraudulent and you should be able to go back and complete the order with no problem.

    Some prepaid cards will not accept a charge placed in other than your own currency. IF the combined conversion and fee associated with that type of transaction exceeds available funds you would also be declined?

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