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  1. Ordered seeds from the attitude. Got 10 feminized Kings Kush from GreenHouse seeds,, also sharksbreath, lemon skunk, rocklock, and cole train( which did not sprout) and 26 "Outdoor Mix" from Mr. Nice seeds.. Im using a 150 watt HPS indoor, a majority were moved outdoor when they were healthy enough. Pictured indoor are sharksbreath, a sour diesel, a Biddy Early, and an outdoor mix. I have soaker hose hooked up to each pot that i hook my hose up to That acts as an irrigation system. (i grow in a huuuuge bush in my yard so the attachment is right by the edge of the bush. I dont have to enter it as frequently) Also the close up of the small plant towards the end...i have never seen a strain like this before does anyone recognize it? I was looking for some input on when i should switch to 12/12, do they look close to big enough? Any input is appreciated thanks!

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