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Attitude Seedbank March Birthday Promotion

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by callous420, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. #1 callous420, Feb 16, 2012
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    Attitude are having big march promo info is here.

    Starts 9am, March 2nd, ends 4pm, March 5th.

    If you spend £40 or more, you will receive, for FREE:

    - 1 x Fem Reserva Privada The OG #18
    - 1 x Fem TH Seeds MKage
    - 2 x Reg Connoiseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze
    - 1 x Fem Paradise Seeds Delahaze
    - 1 x Fem Cali Connection Buddha Tahoe OG

    Please note: One transaction per customer only, first come first served basis promotion, we have limited stock and when it sells outs we stop the promotion, regardless if within date times. This is very important.

    Video is here [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3uFESdUXRY"]Attitude March[/ame]

  2. I waited for this ......

    TY 2 Callous for bring this video/info to GC. ( + rep for beating me to it)

    But damn, that selection sucks IMO.

    AND NO GOODIES THIS YEAR ? That really sucks ...

    hopin they are holding out for 4/20

    EDIT: Callus .. I've tossed you too much rep lately .. gotta spread some manure B4 I can rep again. .
  3. This deal isn't that bad Wharfrat, Reservera #18 was soldout a majority of last year. The 4/20 deals are usually the shitttt. I heard there was gonna be a new site design for 2012 but I guess that got pushed back quite a bit. OH well they never fail to please.

    Curious to see what people order to bring it up to 40GBP [​IMG]
  4. HOLY BRITISH POUNDS BATMAN!!!! I missed that .

    WTF do they want 4 their Bday, that costs so bloody much !?!?!?!?! Damn those bills to pay for a HTCC booth have skyrocketed !

  5. the only one I'm really interested in is the #18 but I just got a 6 pack in the mail yesterday. it only took 7 days and the shirt that came with it is awesome. guess I'll be waiting for april
  6. thanks for the info bro.....heres what herbies has this month for freebies.....

    any order
    1 CH9 Fem Jack 33
    2 Afghani # 1 seeds

    orders over 50 GBP
    1 world of seeds fem northern lights X big bud
    2 DNA fem lemon skunk
    5 big bud # 2 reg

  7. They have big bud way too often for freebies. I dont like big bud AT ALL.
  8. ^^guerrilla em ;) ^^

    but keep the lemon skunks, it's the only DNA strain I wish would come back in regs.

    so sweet to smell and smoke

  9. Are there no plans to restock most of DNA's regular line? It's been forever since most of them have been in stock.
  10. No Lamont.
    before Utube liquidated the Tudes old account (Yuk Foo Justice Department !!!! and your legions of letter typing , emailing Peons ! err I mean paralegals.......), there was an interview and in it they kinda threw out a line about how "they are not at this time making any new regular seed lines. But that it may change in the future". it was about 2 years ago , so I make no promises on the paraphrase...

    might be something about it on another forum.. but "DNA regular seeds" turns up a pretty broad Google ( even with discussion filters on).

    Lemon Skunk is still good gear either way .
  11. That sucks. I guess I will jump on the Hash Plant Haze regs while they're still floating around.
  12. #12 CL4P-TP, Feb 17, 2012
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    ^^good call^^

    just think members thought I was loco after ordering 4 orders while the tude was giving away 1 femd and 2 regular LA Conf. for 15 pound orders..

    funny .. I used Lemon Skunk (2) singles to make up $$ 4 the orders..
  13. #13 DurteeDurtee, Feb 17, 2012
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    I'm not terribly fond of this years bday promo either.

    -Price increased.
    -Selection isn't as appealing.
    -Many of the higher end strains I wanted to get aren't in stock.

    Perhaps it's my own fault by getting my hopes up too high.

    I think very highly of Attitude and they'll remain the only seed bank I am interested in doing business with. However, I won't be participating in this years bday promo.

    I'm with Wharf in hoping for a kickass 4/20 promo.
  14. :(:(:(

    40 pounds is $75.00 including shipping. I wonder if that will be the going rate come 4/20????
    I am gonna pass on this promotion. I am hoping for some auto's that I can experiment with in area corn fields this summer. A friend grew a La Blanca in a corn field last summer and harvested about half a pound even though he had to take her at least 2 weeks early. I figure that most autos are done in less than 80 days. It seems like plenty of time but we'll see.


  15. Hah, I am too damned scared to try a guerilla, not to say I havent been tempted.
  16. I was going to order NEvilles Haze but I'll wait a few weeks...
  17. Dont be scared lol + its safer than growing indoors.
  18. Not that i'm in short supply of beans, but some good flavors have my eyebrow raised.
  19. #19 spunyun, Feb 22, 2012
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    Small chance I pull the trigger on Mosca's C99.

    edit: After reading the description on Budda Tahoe OG I'm more inclined to try and get in on this. That and OG18 seem like some good freebies. I also wouldn't mind trying out the SSDH, the others I would give away or guerrilla plant.
  20. Delahaze is also very good.

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