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  1. So I just ordered my first seeds from Attitude on their website. At checkout I was taken to "payofix" to complete the transaction. Immediately after I pay I get a e-mail from payofix that my payment was made and another from Attitude that the payment was received. A few hours later, I get an email from my bank that there might of been a fraudelant charge from Nigeria with the same amount paid for the seeds. I havent authorized the payment because I am sketched out. Anyone ordered from attitude recently with cc? Is this normal? Thanks in advance!
  2. Why don't you contact them and ask them about it?

    I believe, if this is the site, you would go here: Cannabis seeds Contact Us

    Some seed banks have to use alternative means to receive payment due to what they are selling.
  3. Yes call your bank and authorize the payment.
  4. Yes u need to authorize it man its cool n legit ur bank dont know or recognize it so u gotta approve it
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  5. I just ordered from them and had the same thing happen. It initially declined my order and then later that day my bank called to confirm it was me. After i did it was all good.
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    Called my bank to give them the OK. My seeds already left the UK we will see how long it takes to get here! First time orderin!
  7. Hope it works out for you. Good Growin

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