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Discussion in 'General' started by toker940, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. hey guys whats good?, i ordered from the attitude on 8/1/2012 and its now 8/11/2012 my tracking information hasn't updated at all this is what its been saying.... service: first class mail international,status of your item: processed threw sort facility august 4th 2012 then it goes under that update only to say originating post is preparing shipment so whats going on? its never takin this long usually just 7 days
  2. Where are you from, country?

    If from the US, that means the shipping country is in the process of sending them overseas but either hasn't yet, or they haven't arrived and been updated. USPS tracking sucks, if thats what you're using.

    I ordered mine Monday iirc and they're still stuck in New York, but that means they've cleared customs so I'm just waiting on them now.

    I've heard of postal employees stealing seeds because people won't report it, but I've never read a first hand account of it.
  3. thanx 4 the reply and im from the south east usa ive orderd twice this is my 3rd order
  4. You've received the others, right?

    There is a very, and I mean very low chance anything would go wrong.
  5. yep i got the others no prob what so ever and it was my 1st order in 2/2012 and second in 6/2012 and yeah im using the usps website
  6. Yeah you're good, just wait it out. If they make you sign for it when you shouldn't have to, thats when there could be a problem, or if you get a sticker on your mail saying customs removed the seeds, but yea its just they're broke so it takes forever.
  7. i signed for it the last time and everything was intact there was a sticker on the back assuring there was nothing illegal inside and was signed by an usps postal worker lol hopefully they come today (fingers crossed)
  8. im on the same boat as you bruh.

    currently in ISC NY (since the 8th) -- i ordered on the 5th.

    cant wait -- hopefully all goes well..
  9. I ordered on the 3rd.. its now the 19th and they have been in customs for 8 days :\
  10. ^ How do you know its at customs? Mine came through, just took a while.

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