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    wat up gc

    i am going to be placing my attitude order and i was wondering how this order looks or if it is to big to get sent to the states.. they are all fem seeds house super lemon haze 5 pk
    2.g13 labs pure gold 5 pk
    3. afgahn kush 1 seed
    4.himalayan gold 1 seed
    5.freebis 5pk of power skunk,one white widow and one power plant

    if anyone has any info on any of these strains like how they smoke or anything i would appreciate it thanks

    edit and of course i used the 420 code for my discount which will save me 9.87
  2. dude! I livwe in brooklyn haha

    I want to order seeds but am paranoid atm


  3. hahaha that shit is funny. i have ordered from the doc before and they got here so i am not as paranoid but i dont want to loose money either and that is kinda a big order
  4. did you put that all on one order?
  5. not much but I have my Pure Gold Fem freebie growing right now, it sprouted faster than any of the seeds I actually paid for, my biggest too atm.
  6. Takeatoke i live in williamsburg brooklyn and i ordered from attitude they a nice selection of seeds no worrys with the shippin
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    Thanks man, did you do the sher(t) method.

  8. i did not place that order yet i am waiting for my credit card company to put my payment on my bill so i can order them.i was thinking of making two orders but my budget is kinda limited n i wont be aible to order all of that threw 2 orders cuz of the shipping price lol. yes i was going to go the stealth guaranteed internation shipping with the yada yada yada.. hopfully i should be placing this order within the next day or two
  9. well i placed my order with attitude so i hope it gets here here is what i got for free

    Your Order Qualified for the following Discount(s):

    Customer care discount

    Customer Care
  10. you shouldn't haeny problems, I recieved my order from attitude a couple of weks back, 20 ak-47, 10great white shark, 3 cali hash plant + all the freebies.... another 12 seeds... did the shirt method... no more concerns about getting my seeds..

  11. well this is an update i got my seads today and everything was legit gotta love attitude

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  12. I asked this elsewhere:

    Thanks for any info you might have on this!
  13. i have 37 seeds coming to the states and i am not worried, i have herd of up to 10 orders in one, (10 packs of 10) so 100 seeds coming into the states in one package and they arrived, attitude is a great company (i cant say they ship to the states for legal reasons) but i trust them 300% ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

  14. it will fit in ur po box. sorry i really dont want to give away to much info ya kno itz stealth for a reason lolol
  15. Thanks! Yes all I need to know is if it would fit; no need to feed leo.
  16. I got my stuff. It definitely fit in the P.O. box with room to spare!

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