attitude seed bank sent my package to some random guy in a different state

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  1. Strap on your boots, stay tuned to how they respond and handle this FUCKING HORRIBLE SITUATION. Not only am i out the seeds i needed NOW, but some fuck in a different state has my package with MARIJUANA seeds inside. WONDERFUL!

    Anyone ever had this nightmare happen to them?
  2. Just think of it as a donation to mankind.
  3. Yeah ..... im not that positive of a person. Fucking raging over here. Maybe if it was like a video game, coffe pot, or something stupid i wouldnt be fuming i would just be waiting for my cash back or a resend. But when its marijuana seeds , it kind of changes the mood for me.
  4. As long as Attitudes makes it right I wouldn't worry about it... even if they turn it in to the cops you're in a different state and for all the cops know it's the right address of the person that turns it in just wrong name....;)
  5. Yeah im sure they will make it right, i even paid extra for the "guarentee". I want my fucking coffe mug man.

    Im going to tell them i want every seed i oringaly ordered sent, plus a 5 pack of the skywalker og and maybe a single seed of the lemon OG . I think that would help fix my negitive feelings. Lets see how it goes.... ill keep everyone posted.

  6. Attitude will be accommodating as long as you don't get rude. They are good about replacements, and extra beans, but demanding another $100 worth of seeds may get you ignored.
  7. I am professional with them , long time customer so im not going to blow it by being an asshole.... But lets be real for a minute they sent marijuana seeds with my name on it to another house.... how would you feel if someone sent a package to a stranger with marijuana items in it with your name on it?

    Ive asked for free beans from attitude before, always received. I think its reasonable to ask for at least a few single seeds if not a 5 pack of some skywalker KUSH.They sent my product, over 13 different strains, to a different house with MY NAME on the package. this house is about 600 miles away. the majority of them are now out of stock.:( my mug too. Coffee mug .

    also, their is a difference between RETAIL cost and their actual cost. Its not going to cost them a hundred dollars.

    I think you will be surprised, i bet they will send me a few because they have always been good to me. Just had to vent a little and create a thread in case they fuck me so that other people dont get a shaft to. Thats how consumers like me and you help protect our hard earned money. Good businesses enjoy the free advertising, as long as they are legit. Attitude has always been legit, and if they do me well im sure people will feel even more confident in the future to order from attitude .
  8. Hey... They fucked up plain and simple, and you should be compensated for having your name and address on a package with illicit items that was sent to another house.

    I'm saying they will probably hook you up for nothing. I only had one order get crushed, and they replaced the beans and threw in a lot more for free.

    I hope it works out for the best.
  9. so being a longtime customer did you just hit the "Same as billing address" since they have your address on account? Shit , did you double check your account address? make sure this doesn't happen again?

    just want to cover my behind and make sure my beans don't end up in Miss.
  10. Ok heres a little update....

    I talked to customer service this morning, and they were very suprised ( as well as i was ) to see the error that was made. The lady told me she thinks what happens is I was given the wrong tracking number when my order was purhcased due to some computer glitch. She said my order is either still in the mail , or was never sent out due to the tracking number error.

    Obviously im hoping it just hasnt arrived, but she said she would be in contact with me and let me know ASAP if they have to be shipped out again....

    Ill keep everyone posted.
  11. methinks tolkein...... trolls
  12. Ok so another update.....

    Package arrived today..... so they did send me the wrong tracking number which is a huge relief. Odd that even happened though... But anyways they were easy to contact and very helpful as well. So to close the book, Attitude served me well !
  13. cool story bro
  14. i feel this bro. need to get shit moving with your project and you aint even got the start.. I'm anxiously waiting 4 mine

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