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Attitude seed bank and Barneys Farm seeds?????

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Hashmouf, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone ever used either of these????

    Usual questions, quality, shipping...... any info is appreciated.
  2. I just ordered from Attitude like 2-3 days ago I will let you know how the service is...
  3. I've placed 3 orders with them. Quality beans, come in breeder's package, consistent sizes and shapes. 100% germination, 6 day shipping to east coast. FREE SHIRTS!!

    Haven't used Barney's seeds, they've won plenty of awards at the Cannabis Cup though so I would definitely buy from them if they had the right strain for me. GL man!
  4. I just ordered 5 feminized Sweet Tooth from the Attitude... Should be in today or tomorrow...

    I will let you know...
  5. The only seeds i have ordered were from the attitude. They are really great and have low prices i would recommend them to anyone. I will not buy form any other seed co. But i am done with seeds for a while anyways. But if i ever go back to seeds it will be through them
  6. if you put in 420 for the discount code, you get 10% off your order
  7. Thanks to every 1 for the feedback, Keep me posted on your results.
  8. hey hashmouf, i ordered some #5 from attitude, and while they came without a hitch, i tried to germ 3 and only 1 popped
    i germed 4 other bag seeds no problem.. but im a noob so.. *shrugs*
    just thought id give you a review
  9. ive used attitude ...fast shipping and reliable with a 100%germinating rate. i bought 10 germd 4 and had 3 females 1 male. took 9 days and im from mass
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    Just sent payment today to Attitude.

    Ordered GreenHouse Seed Co.'s "Arjan's Ultra Haze #1" --Because of this video:
    **And this One:
    & "White Label's Rhino" + 5 free Thai super skunk

    Also sent payment today to Marijuana-seeds.nl
    Ordered the "Classic Pack"
    ( BigBud, Northern Lights, & BubbleGum ) + 5 Free Mazar X Afghan

    Will keep you informed.
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    Which shipment method did you guys use @ Attitude seed bank?
    (please be specific, they have many options)

    On edit: Rather PM me instead posting it.
  12. The most expensive. That is all I will say about that.
  13. Track and Trace... No Signature.

    It was like $18 USD, I sent $40. Just in case.

    Western Union Money Order.
  14. stealth option with the t-shirt
    let me rest a little easier
  15. That's the way I go every time. I have about 4 T-shirts!
  16. Do you have to give a signature for the T-Shirt option?

  17. Not if it is not listed as an option.
  18. Yeah I cant remember if it was or not. I know there were quite a few options, and I didnt want to give a signature but I did choose to track it.
  19. My order arrived today...

    5 Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth fems
    5 Dutch Passion Orange Bud fems
    5 G13 Labs Thai Super Skunk - free

    I ordered from two places to make sure I at least receive one. From what Ive been hearing there is a fairly good chance I will receive both. Ill have 7 different strains if both do come through. I CANT WAIT.

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