attitude prevails while doc continues to fail

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by sizzlasia, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. like title says, stuff recieved from attitude in 5 days.. nothing from the doc in months and wont reply to emails
  2. 23 days and nothin from attitude. Seeds have been sitting at customs for 21 of those days. Id almost rather not know where they are. Ordered more today hopefully with better luck. Have you called the doc? i cant remember if a number is listed
  3. You should have ordered from Highgrade Seeds. They are the only seed bank that guarantees you get your order safe and sound (Marijuana Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online). They ship worldwide (including the U.S.).
  4. What happened to the Doc? He used to be the man back in the day, knew people that ordered from him plenty of times until he stopped shipping to the states.

    Then his hg420 site went down and now people are having real bad issues with getting their beans, poor Doc what happened man.
  5. now i dont know this for a fact this is just my specualtion

    but if a site like that goes down... youre best off not trying to contact anyone involved with that site... thats just a personal rule of mine... you dont know why they went down or what happened and dont know whos sitting behind docs desk with his server and all that info

    be easy man cut your losses... id rather be out a couple hundred then behind bars on some rico shit or sumthing crazy man... better safe then sorry in my eyes

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