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  1. Has anyone order with a money order? How much longer would u think it would it take?
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    I haven't but it would take at least an extra week. If you are not wanting to use your credit card, let me kinda break it down.

    The data that you send is encrypted and untouchable. So this only leaves effectively one way for your transaction to matter. Someone would have to get a warrant for your financials, comb through them, and find this. If they were able to get a warrant, they aren't gonna waste time combing through your financials, they are just gonna bust down your door and seize your grow. It is also more difficult to get a warrant for financials than it is a simple home search warrant. One last thing, seeds are considered paraphenalia, really, they aren't gonna waste time finding the evidence for that charge if they have enough for a warrant to bust you on a full fledged grow op, eh... :)

    In other words, don't worry about it. Watch everything else you do like you are a paranoid schizo, but for seeds... No worries. Just have them shipped to someone else, under a previous tenant's name (or if you have to, your friend's last name, but a made up first name).
  3. ooo ight sure thing well i guess i can try that next time i already sent a money order i was already tweekin thanks for the info

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