Attitude June Quadruple Thunder Offer!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by tokinLT, May 19, 2010.

  1. The June promotion from attitude, the quadruple thunder offer.

    heres the link, go check it out, the dates are june 4-7
    Cannabis seeds
  2. Excellent! I wonder if they are femmed or not? Either way a good deal!
  3. "We Will Not Run Out Of Stock"

    ...damn! a couple of those are sounding SICK!
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    LOl I was looking at the news letter to see if the new onewas up yet last night .. was still nirvana, ohh well I got my Next Generation seeds on the way ( dynamite, timewarp , and avalon, for this years outdoors)...guess I will have to order a pic and mixer auto ....
  5. yea it sucks that it doesnt say, but oh well you cant go wrong with free seeds lol. redeye i know your about to hop on the band wagon for this offer:D

    yea some of those strains do sound pretty dank, like the dna genetics sour kush!
  6. Dude you are reading my mind I was thinkin probably sour d X og kush? Cant find any info on it yet. But dang looks dank! I like it and all but I got like a year and a half worth of grows lined up I should probably slow down for a minute. If they end up being femmed I might make the dive. But Im so loaded up right now its not funny and Im thinkin I need to take a break. Plus I keep looking at subcools Qrazy Train and Cheese Quake. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want those and I will never make it to em if I dont quit ordering three times a month! LOL! I do like all the strains though! Been wanting Sensi Star too~!
  7. sour d X og kush, like the headband? reserva privada just released that if thats what your looking for lol. hahaha i bet you have a dope collection of seeds tho, like how many strains do you have? true that man, save up. yea if these arent femmed then it might not be worth it to pick up. dude im still waiting for that 1 tga strain u told me about to co me out:D sensi star is super dank, never grown it but i smoked it adn i gotta say made me feel like a super star lol
  8. Yeah dude I follow subcool over on Roll It Up. Has some awesome stuff to share and you can check out his test runs of those two strains. Looks AMAZING! The latest test is his cheese x querkle WOW I WANT! Cheese Quake MMMM!!! And throw me some Qrazy Train too Sub! LOL! Boy total number of strains? Too many probably around 20 or so... So thats where my lack of "GO GET EM!" came from.
  9. damn thats a pretty large quantity of freebies. why do all the seedbanks keep doing this to me they keep popping up deal after deal each better then the last. this shit is gonna break the bank fo sho:smoke:
  10. too bad i got too many as it is, or i would be buying that
  11. :wave: :laughing:

    Im going to order and I need a new flowering area first and have plenty of beans :eek: :smoke:
  12. I totally feel ya B... Almost kinda bummed wanted chronic and sensi star... But man got way too many and dont want any going bad along the way you know? Look at it this way if we REALLY wanted them in the beginning, we would have ordered them first. Im lucky enough to have the collection I got because all I gotta say is "this is gonna be good!"
  13. i think the seeds are just regular and not feminized. and yea redeye tga beans are up next when i go to buy some beans haha,
  14. I'll definitely be ordering again for this one. i love sensi star, warlock and Chronic.. some very dope strains there.. most of em are even cash crop worthy.
  15. my guess is the sour kush id og x sour cream
  16. are those freebies along with the reg UFO?...meaning 7 free plus up to 5 ufo?
  17. yea man so a grand total of 12 free beans:D i already know what im going to order lol
  18. id be more the type to buy 5 orders of 30$ and get 5x 8 free beans for a total of 150$, rather than one big order for 200 to get 12 free beans instead of 40 free beans.....hmmmm
  19. hahahahaahah do what u gotta do brotha, they said they wont be running out, so if your willing to make it happen then go for it:D
  20. WWWWWAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP Says the this dank purps! Wow some fire! Anyways what you orderin up there tokin? I got deep purp, pandoras box, and querkle from tga. I really want dairy queen and chernobyl in a bad way....hehehehe

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