attitude!!! i love these guys!

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  1. Another happy customer. My second time doing business with them. Very fast, nice selection, discreet shipping, what more could you want?!!?1 i know everyones tired of the attitude posts but you know what, seeing the name so much helped me decide who to go with! so if this helps someone else great, good luck!
  2. what strains did you order?
  3. sup homie?

    on my first order i recieved 10 kushberry, 10 auto blueryders, 10 white widow, and three free seeds, a white widow pure gold and blue venom

    this time around i ordered auto hindu kush, and the diesel ryder, they sent me a free super skunk, purple lady, quicksilver, and a soma diesel

    all my seeds have popped accept maybe two blue ryders but who knows they may still pop before ya know it!
  4. nice sounds like a great mix and variety, i love attitude too, my seeds were 100% pop rate.
  5. i ordered fourway,diesel ryder,and fem afgan kush with three free seeds anyone know what the shirt looks like

  6. the shirt is always random as hell.. lol i always give them away to a friend not really my style, but i know both of mine were madd diff from eachother and from what i hear other people have recieved
  7. They are an awesome site. I just got my next order from them in ten minutes ago and again everything looks great, G13 Pineapple express and Gigabud plus a quicksilver all Fem and nicely wrapped with a shirt in 8 days total from order. :cool:
  8. yea mine was about 8 days too

    im interested in that pineapple express jus bcuz i love the movie and pineapples lol
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    yeah i just recieved my first order from them. getting tired of growing my bagseed i've saved up over the years..

    this is all for a small closet grow so i went with all autoflowing strains.

    The Joint Doctor's Diesal Ryder x10
    Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Fem x5
    Lowryder#2 x AK47 EASY RYDER Feminized Auto Flowering Dwarf x2

    freebies include....


    I've read up on Fem vs Non-Fem seeds and to be honest I dont have the space to try out a bunch and hope for the best. Only reason I got the Diesel Ryder is because it looked like some really tasty shit I've never seen before in real life. All in all I'm happy with it. Nice packaging and got in a week. With it being a holiday weekend I think that's amazing. I hope everyone has a good outcome like I did. I'll definately be going back in the future.

    stay high:smoking:
  10. and if im not mistaking you shouldnt be talking specifics about how you get your beans shipped.. I dunno im new to the site BUT im pretty sure ive seen it boldy stated before.. rather be safe than sorry

    stay high:smoking:
  11. just placed my order bout 15 min ago from attitude bank, ordered WHITE
    RUSSIAN FEMINIZED Lowlife Automatic seeds and it's commin with a free G13 LABS QUICKSILVER AUTOFLOWERING FEMINIZED seed. cant wait, dont have much space to grow in so these white russian ryder seeds should be perfect
  12. sup?just got my order today also.i got g13 poison dwarfs and free g13 quicksilver and it took 10 days to ohio with a money order plus holiday so damn fast id say ill def be ordering from only them in the future not gonna give any specifics about there ship methods but simple and inconspicuios would be the words id use.:D
  13. Some of the new mini plants are really small and potent, 15-18" total with super fast grow to harvest time. Attitude has a nice selection of DWARF auto flowering fems. Anyone here have any experience with the auto Lemon skunk or Poison yet?
  14. also if anyone has had any experience with the sagamartha double diesel ryder fem? should be good, a small NYC diesel plant :D
  15. got my Easy Ryder from the Attitude. Excellent service as well. received my oreder in less than a week and received some free G13 Quicksilver feminized auto's as well :D
  16. i duno bout the diesel ryder yet but i just germinated ten auto diesel ryders, i have ten blue ryders going, and i got ten auto hindu kush going, im exciteeeeeeeeeeed
  17. its funny alot of us ordered some at the same time becuz i got all the same freebies u guys got, cool! lol we'll be high off the same dank in a few months lol
  18. Got lowryder 2 seeds, and a freebie g13 autoflower. no problemos
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    i edited my post to homie no sweat! lol im sure ya didnt kno

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