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  1. Hey guys, i know another Attitude post lol so i will keep it short and sweet.
    Can anyone who lives in the U.K and ordered from Attitude, give an opinion on delivery service, packaging, etc.
    Thank you.
  2. I live in the US and i got my order in about a week... I had the stealth package with the shirt and stuff just to make sure.
  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Are there any people who are U.K customers? I just want to check because of all the bad comments left by alot of the GC members from the U.S i want to see if they are good with it being in the same country.
  4. I ordered a pack of Homegrown Fantaseeds from them Saturday night and was emailed yesterday (Monday) stating they was sent 1st class and would be with me today, so lets see if the postman brings me a package. :smoking:

    PS if you want a discount code for them it's 420
  5. well man im in the uk and i order seeds from different seed bank and never have any probs from i heard about attitude are all good things so go for it
  6. I used attitude for my Barney's Bluecheese, 2 days later I had them. No T-shirt but my free seed was there.
  7. Im in the UK and my mate ordered some seeds from Attitude. Very quick and well packaged. 3 days max may have been 2 :D

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