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  1. I've been watching Cali Connections the last few days on Attitude and I've noticed that the price on their strains has went up a dollar or so twice now. Talk about milking a few extra bucks out of customers. Any one else notice any other strains going up leading into the October freebies. They have a right to price strains any way they like, but I think they just milked me out of this purchase.

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    I think it has to do with the exchange rate. Is it going up in euros or just US dollars? The euro just hit a 5 month high today so I'm assuming that's why.
  3. Damn dude, you may be right. My bad, if that's the case. I'm kind of glad for it though, it woke me up from droping $111+ on another strain I didn't need. Peace.
  4. They also raise prices right before Promo deal days.
  5. I've noticed prices going up as well. I've been umming and arrring which seeds to buy and then noticed the prices going up. Needless to say won't be buying the seeds from those guys! Theres plenty of other banks out there anyways! :smoke:
  6. My personal experience with Attitude has been shocking. No reply to emails and rubbish stealth shipping resulting in my beans being seized!

    Prices don't matter as i won't be using them again! :mad:
  7. I had a great experience with Attitude.. Quick delivery, great packaging, no crushed seeds.. Prices did go up from when I first started looking at seeds, but not by much.. Look forward to ordering again from them in December when I'm expecting even more free seeds..

    The Order..

    5 fem barney's farm lsd
    5 fem barney's farm red dragon

    1 fem ufo#2 DNA genetics lemon skunk
    1 fem ufo#1 DNA genetics sour cream
    1 fem ufo#3 DNA genetics sharksbreath
    1 fem g13 labs blueberry gum
    1 fem g13 labs pinapple express
    1 fem Reserva Privada Kandy Kush

    I mean 6 freebies and the 10% off with the code (maybe 15%) helped out the price a bit.. Already germed an lsd.. Was up and going 2 days after germing.. Started the red dragon yesterday.. Waiting on her to pop next.. All and all I am completely satisified with the great service and will definitely continue to order from them..
  8. You're not alone. Attitude has a bad rep for seized orders. And many complaints about their "stealth" shipping.
  9. From an exchange rate POV there is a 2 dollar different from what the money actually is to their prices are. However I still suspect that they are charging more than what the seeds are worth being that they are the only competition with that much stock.
  10. DNA skunk crosses promo throws ya 13 free true afghani beans good breeder stock there.

    The kandy Kush or sleestack skunk x's look silly imo
  11. Thing is though, go with the Sour OG and getting the afghani is win. People have been having success with the Sour OG and afghani is almost always a great staple strain to have around for good reliable bud.. Thats how I justified my order.. got an advance on my paycheck to order today.
  12. Sour OG man, yet to hear any complaints

  13. Hey Cali grower i think you posted in my other thread that's been closed. Yeah there stealth shipping isn't the best and its not cheap. Theres plenty of other seedbanks io'd prefer to spend my money with!

  14. No they don't.
  15. seeds can be seized from any seedbank order. it's the game of luck. so far i have had nothing but good luck. i have used over 8 different seedbanks in my adventures including, worldwideseedbank, attitude, nirvana, sensible, dr. chronic...... and on, no seisures to date.:smoke: (knock on wood)
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    I have bought seeds from loads of places, dr chronic, gypsy etc this is the best place for cannabis seeds I have found, reasonable prices and they are running a wicked competition to win some judges passes to the cannabis cup at the minute, which I just entered with my latest pips purchase w00t! w00t!

    I is winning myself some prizes rofl :hello:
  17. does anybody actually ever win any of these prizes?

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