Attitude August Promo shipment??

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  1. I placed my order on the 5th early in the morning. The packge status got changed to shipped within the hour. Last order placed with them took 8 days to get to me. For five days now it's been at heathrow awaiting shipping to the US.

    You're killing me England.
  2. move over here then...lmao...
  3. Lol I actually have family over there and would love too, but I'm in school right now and am forced to ride it out until I'm done. Soon though!
  4. im in the states too and my order is leaving ny headed to me as we speak :hello:
  5. Ordered on the 8th tracking finally updated to " \t\t Processed through Sort Facility, August 13, 2011, 4:36 pm, BETHPAGE, NY 11714." I ordered from EDIT a little over a week ago used the free shipping option and it only took 4 days to get to me.
  6. Free shipping option?? My order is still over seas!
  7. Yeah EDIT is offering free worldwide shipping on seed orders at the moment. My order from Attitudes should be here in a couple hours :hello: hopefully there wont be any green tape on it.
  8. Got my order in today, sad though my free UFO Dinafem Critical + is pancaked.
  9. Ordered mine on the 8th, got mine today with my TGA seeds mug. All seeds safe and cozy inside!
  10. Ordered mine on 5th. They didn't dispatch until the 14th. Won't be ordering from The Attitude again.
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    Mine didn't germ.. pancaked is worse
  12. God damn it I was hopeing to have my seeds germed by Monday of this week. STILL sitting at heathrow now for 1 full week. What is this bs.

    First order from attitude took 1 week this ones taken 2 weeks to get to the Airport....
  13. I'm starting to think that they're never leaving Heathrow...
  14. dont ya just hate dealing with bad attitudes? lol

    sorry to hear the u.s woes, if youre in england its one quick slick sick service!
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    My Cali hash was smashed and I got the crush proof tin. And they shorted me 4 free autos.
  16. My order placed on the 8th arrived on the 17th west coast. Happy with how fast it came but upset about my crushed seed and missing my freebes
  17. My order took 16 days between the time order was placed and received. The quality and service (reply to emails) is 5 star. Original breeder packs, top-notch quality and freebies.

    I was very impressed, even with the slow service to my far-away land.
  18. I'm beginning to think my package was lost. Also every time I try to check tracking the royal mail website is conviniently down for maintanance. What a pain in the ass, I didn't get the guarantee either.
  19. What would I do about a lost package? Can I call the royal mail and ask about it??

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