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  1. Anyone ever have a bad seed come in from Attitude? how did they handle it? did you get your bean resent or did you have to send the bean back to them? I am interested cause after 20 orders I am getting asked to send back one single bean that fell out of the packaging and got crushed by the mug, I wouldn't bitch normally , but this is a 20.00 single seed cost. Think it only fell out cause the package it was in wasn't sealed properly, and it was allowed to move around more then the breeder packs in the mug.
    Any past experiencing you had would be invited.

  2. yeah and that same bean is more cost there also, plus I don't get a shipping cost until I enter my personal info? lol :mad:
  3. it's 7.50 for shipping. flat rate they dont try to sell you over priced shirt or wallet.

    some seeds they are cheaper maybe just not the ones you want but they will get there intact

  4. Ok thanks for the info, maybe will try and see since it will be below 30 for one bean. Thanks
  5. whats the strain? if you dont mind spilling the beans:smoke:
  6. Alright been reading this long enough to stand up and say somthing about ol World Wide Seeds that has been left out. At check out when selecting shipping methods and cost it clearly gives you the option JUST LIKE ATTITUDE as follows:

    Standard (NOT GUARANTEED) 7.50
    Guaranteed signature required 15.00
    Guaranteed No Sig Required 20.00

    Alright there you have it I was going to bite the bean :D and go with my first order from World Wide, even though I have had two orders from the tude come perfectly, and when I got to check out it was the same ol thing ladies and gents. This is meant to set the truth out there and for someone else NOT TO HAVE TO ENTER THEIR PERSONAL INFO just to come to the same conclusion I did. It costs 20 bucks for the guarantee from BOTH companies for no sig. The only thing I would do is see how many people have been taken care of under each company's guarantee... Now Im not trying to say go attitude or go world wide but I think they both look pretty reputible. I know from experience that I LOVE The Attitude, so far. And my loyalty stays with them until they loose it themselves, not from someone else telling me I should try this or that... Do what you want I think both places are legit but my order goes to attitude.
  7. Fem dutch-passion-blueberry
  8. nice i've been lookin at that myself..
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    dude you really got sucked into that garantee bullshit? I have dozens of perfect orders never lost one from any seed bank including the tude and i have never used garanteed shipping. all that is is extra money for nothing read all the shit on gc about people who couldnt get garanteed order replaced. but in a whole in all my dealings with dr chronic , world wide , the tude , nirvana, ect that the only company that fucked up twice on two orders was attitude so there's somthing for you to consider screw the shipping bullshit:smoking: also the garanteed shipping from world wide isnt trying to sell you shirts and bullshit for their garantee they just ship it to you going thru someone other than the us postal service and its more expensive to ship 7.50 extra to be exact, and the op never said he wanted info on garanteed shipping so this was never part of the subject so who was hiding truth? I told him shipping is 7.50 before he had to enter his info, to put him at ease. the garantee is an option. you want to get it get it. but on that page it clearly states 7.50 flat rate international. and attitude charges 1.50 extra for the cd case (which they dont cut and therefore my crushed seeds) thanks for bringing my mood down:(
  10. yo grass,
    in your honor i ordered from the single seed
    figured i'd give it a try...attitudes web shit is been messing up here late and there alway's f'n out of stock when you want the good's....f'n a so i went outside my norm and ordered from your advice seed's better get here bro! lol hahaha
    who else do you, your self have exp ordering with...i'm looking for bc strain's right this ec..just ordered a few satori and an ak 47...
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    dude you will get those beans quick, no worries, but I hope you needed seeds and didnt just order for the sake of using them for me, cause I dont get no discount or anything for although I wish I did have a discount code for them like tude

    my favorite was dr. chronic , but he wont take usa credit cards for now so i cant use them

    I use world wide seeds the most, they havent fucked up yet

    I have used attitude (but got a crushed seeds and they did some dumb shit on my credit card so I will only use them if I really need somthing) too commercial, they are very cocky as in, if you dont like something about their process, they act like you are the problem and you get nowhere with them

    I have used nirvana shop , very inexpensive very stealthy (even though I could care less about stealth) shitty mints but some good strains. very good customer service

    I have used Gypsy nirvana's seedboutique, but they are expensive and dont have alot of auto strains. but got order in a timely fashion. only thing i would use them for is rez seeds.

    and I have an account set up at buycheapseeds but my order hasnt arrived yet only been 3 days
  12. right on thanx bro..
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    Boy humper maybe you need to go hump to release some of your tension. Why would you get all rattled up at me for telling people the whole truth? If humper read my post he would know that I endorsed BOTH companies. I dont know why he has a hard on to attack everyone that has something good to say about attitude. Just look at the rest of the post he does this to anyone dropping any good notes about attitude. Man if you wanna promote a company go get a job for them. Im here to give REAL reviews for REAL people. Again I have nothing against humper besides the fast he opening attacks anyone who says try the tude because he had a bad experience with them. If anyone want some dirt on World Wide, it took me less than 5 mins to find 3 different post with negative things to say about them. But I for one did NOT join this post to have some dude on a seed bank power trip to criticize MY PERSONAL OPINION. Im not here to argue with this humper dude because it just seems like he goes from post to post representing World Wide. Just look at all his posts in the seed bank forum bad mouthing attitude. If you have good experiences kudos for you, thats why we made this forum to let people know about them. Dont attack others for having a good experience with a company when you didn't. I personally could get 2 craps less because so far they have done me PERFECTLY. But I dont argue with people on the forums... Just getting annoyed on this one because it sure seems like everyone is willing to have a hang off and get all pissy over it. We are all here to get info from EVERYONE not just you Humper! But if my information here is not appreciated and I have to keep dealing with people like this I will quit posting all together. Why fight over what I already stated were TWO LEGIT BANKS? Especially when we are just answering someones question. Oh but wait since you have soo many posts Im wrong and youre right. Right Humper? If you have something you have to say PM me and we will figure it out. But dont disrespect my posts, and other peoples opinions, when LIKE YOU, they are just trying to help people make a successfull order and ask for some help.
  14. On my first ever tude order i had a damaged bean.. They asked me to send it back to them, i shipped it back in an envelope with a tiny vial for it.. and attitude sent me the replacement for the broken bean plus ALL the freebies they were giving out and ANOTHER t-shirt... If your too bothered to send it back.. then your missing out on free beans.
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    i had a cracked WW once, tude offered to replace it the same way, but giving you extra freebies rock's bro!
    single seed is expensive, prices are higher than attitude on many strain's...but that shit flips both way's...
    it is awesome though that you can get reg seed's one at a time or order 3-5 instead of 100$ 10 pack's...that's where single seed kick's ass! mandala seed's is great to by the way...they are cheap, ship worldwide, have really great genetic's..
    there satori was named one of hightimes top 10 strain's of the world in 08...not to mention your not getting a ton of hybrid's , f1, and f2 genetic's from mandala either..getting realy nice breed strain's that are not all breed out...
    sigle seed is also getting an order from me again soon, getting 3-5 jilly bean's and some other TGA paying 91$ a 10 pack that's for sure...
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    no dude you didnt endorse both companies you slowly worked your post up to only praise attitude in the end. in all your post i went back on and read, including different threads you are all up attitudes ass praising the shit out of attitude you will see how many dissatisfied people there really are. just cause a company has a cool web site doesnt make it the shit. and if you go back on my posts i've praised dr chronic , nirvana, and attitude before they fucked me. but wws is the only company that hasnt pissed me off yet thus the good write up. read the title of the thread attitude and damaged seeds, their company constantly fucks orders up all you have to do is search this forum or google. and in my eyes you tried to make me look shady and suggested i am withholding the truth. when you placed that comment me and the op were the only ones chatting in the thread so obviously directed towards me. thus this was the outcome so i suggest in the future to avoid problems dont try to attack peoples good intentions in open forum with bullshit amp ups of attitude go to the all hail attitude threads for that bro. remember the last thing you said "do what you want but my order goes to attitude" yeah thats not trying to take side or sway someone. I hope someday attitude screws you like they did alot of us here then maybe you can give a worthy of listening to opinion.
  17. attitude offered to replace my seeds too but only if i ship it back at my expense to me that is retarded because what the fuck are they gonna do with it get credit from the breeder. no way. they are hoping you dont send it back so they dont have to make good on the broken one. its like the classic mail in rebate scams. but i would feel the same way about world wide if they ever sent me some broken shit. I have never complained about attitudes seeds just their practices. if they didnt screw me twice i would still use their pick and mix for singles. but I am glad you placed an order custom its the only way you can truly have an unbiased opinion. +rep for that
  18. I just told everyone the truth? I have had three orders go off without a hitch and if you want to be sticky about it I can post pics of all three and their packages. I do nothing but speak of experience and to be bad mouthed by someone just because he had a bad experience isn't cool. I dont really care because people like you need help. I just hope someday you find it!
  19. And the use of your language isn't appreciated!

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