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*Attitude 4/20 customer update*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Norcali, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I just received this email regarding the 'tude's sale on Tuesday...
    Has anyone received their order or a notice that your order has changed yet? I am curious to see what the "replacement" promo's were. :D
  2. that sounds real dumb on tude's end .people order those dumb ass shirts and mugs to conceal the goods. so if they ship them separate you just paid for the shirt just to have a shirt. retarded if you ask me. and they didn't expect that many people to order on 4/20:confused: so they ran out of the advertised promo seeds? this is so :laughing::laughing::laughing: laughable
    they need to put the pipe down over there:bongin:
  3. yeah that's pretty sad, however seeds get to you regardless of shirt ordered or not.. I stopped ordering the stealth options because they dont let u pick the shirt..
  4. The Attitude was giving away free T-shirts and mugs on 4,20 also. That's why they are shipped separately. If you wanted stealth shipping you still would of paid for another T or mug on the stealth shipping. In other words, no free stealth shipping!

    They probably would of had the same amount of orders no matter what the freebies were anyway!
  5. :hello:My first of the two orders I places on 4/20 got here today! TALK ABOUT FAST!!!!! 6 days total to the west coast nice job guys! I have one more still in transit so Im hoping its here tomorrow or the next day! :hello:
  6. Did you get the regular 4/20 freebies? (red diesel, blue cheese, and GHS white widow + regular freebies)
  7. That's what I've been wondering as well, the suspence is killing me. That would be dope if they hooked us up with sume fire ass freebies. Also did everyone who ordered get the email update or just the ones that that they ran out for.
  8. yeah if anyone gets there 420 order please chime in. im still waiting...:(
  9. im in the same boat as you 70s im still waiting.
  10. i got mine, and i got the ones that were advertised... the red, white, and blue. I never got my shirt, and mug tho
  11. Thanks for the update matty, hoping I get mine today as well. It is weird that west coast got theirs before me.
  12. im on the northeast~ Michigan... im hoping i get the shirt asnd mugg today
  13. I'm tennessee my mail usually gets here at about 1, but mine got dispatched the 21st. That's weird they didn't come at the same time for you.
  14. did you get your mug, and shirt? i got my seeds, but thats it... i wrote Rachel at attitude to see whats up, i havent heard back yet. I really want my shirt, and mug, thats pretty much the only reason i ordered.
  15. I ordered on the 20th. Tracking says my see:hello:ds are in town TODAY!!! Thats pretty quick!
  16. They don't ship the Attitude branded shirts with your seeds because it might be obvious getting seeds wrapped in a seed company shirt. The stealth shipping shirts that they send are random t-shirts that you's find at Target or WalMart with printing on them.
  17. I didn't add the shirt and mug, just wanted the seeds. tracking says mine were received in town this morning. just waiting on the mail man now. :D
  18. 1x the church by GHS1x cloud #9 by dinafem1x Siberian white by dinafem1x fruity automatic by dinafem. was what 1 guy on other forum got
  19. I placed 3 orders on 4/20, got 2 on the 25th and 1 on the 26th, Speedy fast!
    I got all the freebies that they advertised for 4/20 on all 3 orders. I'm 5 for 5 with the Tude in the last couple months.

    I'm still waiting for my Speedy Seedz order from April 9th, not too speedy if you ask me.
    It was my first time trying someone else besides the Tude. I won't make that mistake again to save $10


  20. did you get the free shirt and mug?

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