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  1. Just got an email code Black420 thought I'd share.
  2. A little hasty are we?
  3. Not hasty, helpful for non mailing list people. Maybe I shouldn't waste my time trying to be hasty/helpful

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  4. Btw I searched for the code and it hasn't been posted...
  5. Haha I was just joking with you man, I'm sure others will appreciate your contribution.
  6. Hopefully it will, sorry mate I'm a bit angry tonight didn't mean to be all period like.
  7. so what are you getting?

    Im thinking of try "The black" but havnt found any smoke reports on it yet
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    Woo! thank you
    Going to pick up seeds for my legit indoor run, after I run my bagseed test
    Might as well grab some for next season with this code
    Can't wait to do lemon skunk indoors :D
  9. Got these for after my easy ryders finish up in dec/jan

    Order Inventory:
    Product: Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Diesel Feminized
    Options: Feminized Seeds Per Pack - 05 Seeds
    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: SHOR136
    Price: £32.99

    Product: UFO#1 Ceres Seeds Northern Lights x Skunk #1 Feminized
    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: FREE SEED
    Price: £0.00

    Product: UFO#2 Ceres Seeds White Indica Feminized
    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: FREE SEED
    Price: £0.00
  10. just went ahead and bought Hortilab's starbud and Cali Connection's Tahoe OG after trying it and loving it at cannabis cup this year.
  11. I just grabbed Grandaddy Purp S1 from Connoisseur Genetics. Let us see what she is all about.:smoke:

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