attic/ loft grow, a couple questions....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by easygrow, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. bassically me and a friend are thinking of starting a grow in an 3rd floor attic.

    we will be growing around 6 to 8 plants in soil and using cfls all the way. we 'know' how to grow the plants but in terms of security and not getting busted by police choppers with heat cameras, how viable is growing in the attic?

    i went up there yesterday night and it was pretty cold but didnt seem damp at all and if we were to have an exaust fan we would vent back into the house.

    the only problem i can think of is the heat from the cfls, but last time i grew when i had a fan circulating cold air onto them temps were kept pretty low, and maybe the cold of the attic will balance out the heat?

    so what do you guys think, are attic grows safe? or how could we keep it safe?

    hit me with your thoughts! easy
  2. If it's cold in there now in September what do you think it will be like in January?

    Attic grows are notoriously difficult because of temp management issues. Most likely you will need to add heat in winter and definitely will need to add a/c in summer. Wrap the whole grow box in insulation.

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