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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dbud, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ive been wanting to grow for sometime now. i have recently decreased my smoke intake to once er couple of weeks. So this is mainly just for hobby and bragging rights. well i originally intended to do an outdoor grow. but outta fear of being caught i wanna keep it in a more closely guarded location. I only want to grow one or two plants at a time for now untill i have a yet again more secure location before i bump up to any more. ive decided it will be a CFL light grow in soil. and i will attempt LST. ive done alot of research spending alomost 30 hours in the last few days on this site alone. So here it come the big Question you was waiting for. I recently put a thermometer in an attic to check the tempeture. the temps outside are in the mid 20. i think 25 to be exact. and the attic is holding strong at 62 with a slight cold breez from the great outdoors. if the temp is being sestained at 62 with the temps below freezing is it to far fetched to say it will be un godly hot in the summer. i know the temps get hot in attics but im sure someone in here will have an idea on how to keep the temps low or low enough anyway. thanks alot

  2. Ok first off don't bragg don't tell no one.

  3. I might have left that a lil to broad. I dont mean to brag about the plants i ment to have the best stuff around. no one will know i have plants. there isnt a person i would trust in the world with that info. But damn it looks like so much fun its not like most plants you can literally see it evolve day by day . I can literally sit here for hours and read grow journles.
  4. Don't be "the dude with the dank", people wanna know where you got it from
    As for the attic, They can get pretty damn hot, but in the summer, the heating in your house won't be on as often, so it probably won't get hot enough to kill your plants.

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