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  1. Hi there to all just got moved into the house and WOW there is some nice Attic space here and I intend to turn this space into my next grow room.

    The space is 6 meters by 9 meters by 2.5 meters high

    I have to move the loft hatch but there are no tanks to move.

    I am going to Bord out the loft shortly and fit the new hatch with ladders as the ceiling is very high

    Equipment Grow

    AWS 6pod system setup 6 rock wall buckets 5 foot by 2 foot NFT tray and a 5 foot by 3 Foot NFT tray 2 Aqua farms large.

    3 600watt hps lights 1 180 cfl 1 250 CFL Mantis Pro shades Pro Diamond shade

    10" can Carbon filter and Fan 6" Air in fan Ro machine

    By the looks of it up there ime going to vent my air out throutgh the chimny brest.

    Any ideas on the layout as this space must be totally self sufficient. ??????
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    Here is a rough drawing of the planned room Any Comments???

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  3. you are prettty lucky. i wish i had that space to grow at my house. =[
  4. Wow, that's a decent size attic you have there. The only thing I thought of is air conditioning. Attics tend to get hot during summer months, and I notice you want to add 3 600w lights. So I think you might need some supplemental cooling up there. Good luck.
  5. you will definitly need air conditioning up there
  6. I ran into this problem as well. I have a HUGE attic in my new house, but it's gonna get hot as fuck in there. :(
  7. insulate the roof from the atci side!!

    keep the temps out in the summer, warmth in in winter........
  8. i would agree insulation to the fullest. and defentaly ac is needed and u might want to think about a humidifier also helps with temp
  9. i would be very interested to know how you will deal with heat in the summer; ad how you will deal with heat fluctuation. I'll keep an eye on this one ;)
    Good luck!

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    I have fully insulated the growroom with rockwall all around and then fitted 50 mm Jabba bord all around and installed enviroment controls the room runs at 75 to 78 at all times.

    The fans are quite during the day and only kick in when temp get to high about once every 20 mins. Edit Now as the outside temps are rising the fans kick in around every 15 to 10 mins.

    The grow room is in fact cooler than the rest of the loft so the insulation is working very well.

    I have a very small fan in the room just for lower air circulation.

    This is a stagard grow and ime into week 5 here on flowering.

    I have enclosed some pictures of the girls progress so far.

    The plants are under a 600 hps digital with over run switch on and a light mover. Should be a better pictures in a couple of weeks when the room gets going properly and loads of buds. The weed veriatys in the room are Purple Haze Ajrions haze no3 and some northern lights are going in friday.

    Should be a good show so leve your mark any advice is greatly receved here.

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  11. This week i put into flower two northern lights in the room so far

    4 Purple Haze 5 weeks into flower
    2 Ajrions Haze 4 weeks into flower
    3 Purple Haze 3 weeks into flower
    3 Purple Haze 1 week into flower
    2 Northern lights 0 week into flower

    14 plants in the room just about fills up the room. I did notice that the room is starting to stink big time inside there wow it smells like god has farted all over the place. But no smell inside the property at all lol.:)

    Comments anyone
  12. Here is week 5 update for you all buds are building nicely now and crystals are appearing everywhere on the buds. They are now getting pk 13-14 with Boost in there nutrient. This will advance the production of bud on the girls as these are a 8 week flowering plant.

    There are plants of different stages of flower in the room as the most advanced are week 5.

    There is some pics of Ajrions Haze no3 that is a Haze that stays small but these are getting quite bushy now.

    Let me no what you all think of the plants so far don't be shy leave your comments good or bad.

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  13. yep me 2. i would like to know more about your environmental setup mate! how do you keep your temps and humidity stable?
  14. Hi there when i built the grow room in the loft i insulated the room with 100mm rock wall between the rafters and then left a 50 mm gap then I put up 50 mm jabber board (polystyrene) I did this to keep the temperatures stable and to combat the Flair cameras as I live right by a army air base. This makes the room very stable and not under the influence of outside temperatures to much as the loft gets very hot up there.

    I have installed a Kilmvator fan control unit with temperture probe and she keeps the room between 75 and 78.

    Fan system is a 10" RUK slow with a large can filter for extraction. Air in is by a 6" Fast RUK fan. Both are conected to the fan control system.

    Humidity is running at 38% at the moment and has been there for some time. I would like this a little higher say 50% but the unit cost £300 to purchuse and I wont to get something out the room first as all i have done is spend money on this room. pic enclosed

    When I go up to the attic in the evening when the lights are on its baking hot in the attic I go into the grow room and its nice and cool in there so its working 100% my design in fact its cooler than the rest of the attic so I have archived what i set out to do. Another good thing as you cant here the fans during the day at all as out of sight out of mind.

    This system is working Just look at the plants there bright green no lockup or ill signs.

    Any thoughts on the humidity dome.

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  15. I have decided to change the room about as this split time grow that ime running is more work and I cant veg the plants properly in the room to get a decent yield per plant that ime looking for.

    Ime going to run with ajrions Haze no3 in future as it stays small and is much more manageable than the Purple Haze.

    I plan to run with 15 plants in the room in 20 liter buckets filled with 50% clay pebbles and 50% Cell Max cubes. Four High flow drippers per pot I may use Topispin drippers for this.

    Ime going to sit these on a sloped floor that ill build for the water run off into a 100ltr low level tank.

    Ill veg em up real nice under the metal halide and just let the whole room go for it.

    Any comments as I got to get this right.
  16. Its time for a update as its now week 6 flowering

    All is going well buds are building nicely now and lots of new growth I smoked some to test and its gonna be a nice strong smoke.

    Not sure it will turn purple though as i can't drop the daytime temps low enough.

    I have been busy planning the new layout for the room.

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  17. nice work bud, keep it up!
  18. Looking good man! Everything worked out...that's always awesome.
  19. great looking plants, thinking about an attic grow myself.

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