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    I'm thinking about growing in the attic of my garage, is this possible??

    I live in the Midwest and the Summers temperature ranges from 65-90 degrees.

    Do i need to get any cooling devices or any other supplies?
    There are also some openings of ventilation.
  2. I would definitely get some AC going, you can find em cheap on craigslist. I live on a 2nd floor apartment and its only like 70 degrees outside but my closet is getting up to 83 already :(. And im in seattle, typically not as hot as the midwest right?
  3. i cant implant an AC in the attic though.

    theres no window to put it in, so i dont know how the air could circulate..
  4. you said theres openings for ventilation, no way to modify this to take an AC exhaust? is it your own house? you could always cut a vent hole in the roof and put one of those vent covers on your roof. its alot of work, but I really think your going to need some way to get AC in there. Especially if you run HPS and MH bulbs, mine put out quite a bit of heat.
  5. Now, .. .. .. That's a Tough Question man, .. dude .. .. :)

    Is it a Single, Double .. Or .. Tell ya what, .. ..

    I know what a Detached Double gives ya in Space, .. Not Good .. ..

    But, it can be done.

    You will need PLENTY of Ventilation, .. and I speak of more that a Fan, .. ^^^^ .. .. said it.

  6. You're going to blow up like a Christmas tree on infra red. If your midwest area is anything like the midwest areas I know, it's not a good idea. They do helicopter passes.

    You're supposed to grow in an interior room (not a garage or a shed), and I try to avoid water lines, just in case one breaks, breaker boxes, water heaters, AC/heater equipment, sump pumps...whatever somebody would need to access that's not you.
  7. i hear that they dont do helicopter passes anymore.

    plus i have my medical card,
    so from what i understand
    my grow operation is completely legal. :)

    but i decided i'm just going to grow in my garage though.
    there is already air conditioning and a ceiling fan installed.

    if i'm trying to grow 12 plants
    what wattage of light do you guys recommend?
  8. I use my attic,and I'd advise insulation and AC.
  9. If your summertime temps get to 90+, your attic is going to be 100+ easy. No amount of fans is going to give you the cooling you need. You will definitely need AC air going up there when the temps rise.

    I am growing in my upstairs bedroom. When it gets to 70 outside, my room gets to 80+ in a hurry. I am running my AC 24/7 now in the room to maintain my closet tent temps. And I am just barely making it. If in an attic that can get to 100+ degree's, I would not have a shot with my exhaust setup. I would stay away from the attic unless you can get AC up there.
  10. It can be done by building a box with insulated foam panels. If you do it on a small scale you can get away without AC just lots of cool intake air and by running lights at night. If you do it on a larger scale will need AC and might have to shut down for the summer months.

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