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  1. Hey guys,

    After much debate and consideration, I have decided to do my grow in the attic, I know that temp is hard to control, but the attic offers me a safe spot to stop rellies and friends from spotting my grow when they come over to my house (you can never be too careful).

    Anyways so I have everything planned out apart from power...

    Now a normal attic around my area has no power outlets at all, I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me how to wire up a 4 socket power outlet up in my attic so I can get things started.

    This will be my first time doing any real electrical work on the house, I have done small things, and I know that I need to be super careful and switch the power off at the RCD breaker and make sure there is no power before touching anything.

    If anyone can supply any resources, tutorials or techniques on fitting power sockets in my attic I would greatly appreciate it.

    My main questions are:

    ~ Can I tap power from one of the light fittings?
    ~ Can I tap power from the back of a ground level wall socket and run it up the wall and into the roof?

    As for the grow plan:

    I plan on placing extra support joists and plywood down to make a faux floor, obviously no materials will be skimped on here as this is potentially a major hazard (I don't want me or my plants falling through the ceiling).

    After the faux floor is laid, the plan is to erect an XXL grow tent 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m. Veging will take place with LED lighting and flowering will take place with two 400watt HPS bulbs with cooling ballasts. A few fans will be placed in the tent to ease airflow, and a carbon scrubber will be added to help ease the smell.

    The bathroom fan used to remove steam from the shower will be plumbed up with it exhaust going though some ducting and being positioned close but not attached to the intake holes of the grow tent. This will allow for cooler fresher air to be vented from the ground floor up into the attic and into the tent.

    As for the plants themselves, well the amount has not been decided yet, but they will be kept in soil and watered manually by myself as I have no problem going into the attic everyday to check on them and water them. It just means hauling a big jug of water and nutrients up there with me. I will probably use a bucket and do 2 or 3 runs every day.

    The reason for me using a tent, is that if someone comes that needs access to the attic, I can quickly go up and drop my tent quickly and hide my plants elsewhere so that the attic looks virtually normal (apart from the faux floor).

    Does all of this sound feasible?

    Thanks guys,

  2. I see a couple of issues.

    Have a professional run you a dedicated 20 amp plug at least, before you start obviously. after your stuff is up there no one can visit (see below). two 400w hps arent going to share very nicely with others, you'll definitely need dedicated breaker.

    The electrician is going to want to know why. They seem to think they are the only ones that determine what plug you need. shop electricians until you find one that doesn't give a fuck. Usually you can catch a guy off duty from a shop and he will do it for like 50 bucks, it's easy for them to add a breaker, you could save even more money by running a line from where you want the plug to your box, it will only take him a few minutes to wire it up, most of the work is running the line through the walls or whatever.

    Second, you're not going to be able to break it all down and hide it. maybe in the beginning, but once your girls get big that is just not going to be feasible. You'll see, you'll have stuff everywhere, lights hanging, plugs, and big ass plants in your tent that just cant be moved really. So you need to just go ahead and plan on NO ONE being allowed in your area, ever. I tell people it's my work shop and it's a mess and they cant go in there. simple. But I am also not very gregarious so it doesn't come up much.

    third, expect heat to be a major issue and consider purchasing a portable air conditioner. The sooner you accept that you need one, the better you'll be. It is going to get really hot up there. Another possible option (i did this) is since you're in the attic you may be able to split off from one of your vent ducts and duct it straight into your tent. I dont know if that will be enough for you in the attic, but it works awesome in my shop.

    Hope some of that helps some, sorry if it's too discouraging, but you're doing your research and making a plan and it will work out for you. :hello: :wave: :smoking:
  3. This guy knows what he's talking about. I wish you the very best of luck
  4. Thanks man,

    Ill def make the attic a no go place for people, its not like it used for anything anyway...

    If I was to run a line upto my attic with a 4 power point socket on the end of it, and then the other end of the wire down to my box to add the breaker in, what gauge wire would I be looking at?

    I know of a dodgy electrician, its just that if he does it, I dont trust him, he may come rip my plants...


  5. hmm.. not sure, I just did this though, let me go look at the wire.

    Ok, I had them run a 20 amp 220 and I used 12/2 per my electricians suggestion. I would ask an expert. Electricity will kill your ass. Not the zap from fucking up so much as the fire that starts in the middle of the night. It really is worth paying a professional.
  6. get an extension cord?
  7. Run the wire from the attic to your box. Tell the electrician you are going to rock some serious Christmas lights this year! People add extra crap all the time to power the lights and blow-up crap at Christmas.
  8. Tell the electrician you need the sockets up there for a upcoming remodel, then make up a fake project based on the layout you want your plants. Prepping for construction saves time and everyone hates extension cords.
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    Thanks for all the great tips guys,

    Im thinking about telling the electrician that I am setting up a fully permanent scale model railway up there, and will require sockets for lighting and powering the model train set, as well as getting it built. If he says that it wont be enough wattage to require a breaker (RCD) I figure ill act very pedantic and demand that a breaker is fitted for safety reasons. Then explain that a lot of tools will be needed for building it and lighting etc.

    Do you think this will work?

    Maybe if I lay the faux flooring before he comes so that I can say its for the model train, and this will seem more believable.

    The reason that I thought of this, is that my Grandfather used to have a huge model train set in the attic with that miniature trees, people, animals, buildings etc and all sorts of cool stuff, it won a few awards from the local model society and was featured in a magazine.

    Anyways it just popped into my mind as I was about to sleep last night and I thought "wow that would make an excellent white lie to cover my ass from the electrician!".

    So do you think that would suffice? I mean if push comes to shove, ill get my electrician friend to do all the work for a bottle of Jack Daniels, but I would rather keep this grow on the low down, becuase people use info against you, and you can never be too safe.

    Let me know your suggestions,

  10. In my house every room has it's own breaker circuit. It cost a couple grand, but we stopped the blackouts and sealed up a few lines that weredraining power. I remember the comments about how he was surprized that there were no scorch marks. The job also included all new wiring.

    In the attic you should have access to a junction box. That's where you could have someone run a line to a light or outlet. It's something I can do, and as far as I know, it does not require a professional. A professional will do it right and safely.

    I just don't like the idea of attic growing. Odds are any AC used to cool it, will be running 24/7 and cost a small fortune.
  11. be on the lookout for helecopters with thermal cameras, they can see heat through your roof - its how they find meth labs and such

    edit: ask anyone, marijuana plants retain heat longer than other plants, this is how fields are discovered by night-time fly-by's, it pisses me off.
  12. Watch Never Get Busted and the video will explain how to prevent discovery by the bacon.
  13. you know you dont have to tell your electrician anything? just tell him you want sockets up there

  14. Yeah, but where's the fun in that??? :D
  15. Carnival,

    What is Never Get Busted? Where can I find it?


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    VIDEOS The whole series is good but watch never get busted at a minimum. In the video's he explains a bunch of the ways they look for people and plants and signs of grows.

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