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Discussion in 'General' started by Finn, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. I know you understand much about bikes, I don't, so you could help me out here:

    I just bought a little-used mtb for about 165 $ and still probably need 10-20 $ more to get a few details like brakes and gear shifting mechanisms adjusted properly. Other than that, it is in very good shape, frame is Fuji4130 which doesn't tell me anything, and other parts seem to be typical basic parts, nothing fancy and expensive. 15 gears.

    Did I get screwed or did I make a good deal?

    I feel a little bad because I had a few reasons to suspect that the guy I bought it from had stolen it from somewhere. But I was tired of walking already for that day and if I would have said no, then I would have spent another hour walking back home....ah crap, now I feel like I shouldn't have bought it...
  2. hey finn, don't sweat it, fuji is a good bike, old but good. The 4130 is the frame material, chromoly steel. It's heavy but tough.

    What kind of riding do you want to do?
  3. I just needed a bike for moving around this town, asphalt under wheels except for winter when it's snow and ice. Yeah I'm a wussy who doesn't do any crazy extreme stuff with it :)

    So did I get a good price?
  4. sounds good, what do you need to fix on it?
  5. It's brakes and gear shifting are not adjusted correctly, probably because those cables that go from handles have got a bit longer because of strain. I think it's easy for a bike mechanic to do that stuff, I could do it myself but I don't have good tools so I'll let a proper mechanic do the job.

    Thanks for help :)
  6. one of my pals said that there's a british bike or something that seels for a ridiculous amount of money and that there's a waiting list.....was it called a 7?.....or maybe i'm just too stoned......Peace out......Sid
  7. Yeah, a Seven, it's a purpose built stock trials bike, a lotta ?$ worth of titanium. If I decide i want one i'm gonna need a gun and a skimask tho,, they start around $2300

    Go to and look at the bikes they ride, there's a section with pics of the bikes, Seven 's are sweet!


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