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Attention Spans

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedboss, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. I don't mean to but i have a really bad attention spans, it's like sometimes i try and listen to what someone is saying and for some odd reason i just freeze and ask them to repeat the question, i jus wanted to know whether this is from smokin to much weed or is it just me.
  2. Mine?

    It's about.....

    ...sorry, what?
  3. /\/\/\/\/\/\LMAO i guess u get it quite severly :D
  4. Proally a combination of both...this day in age damn near EVERYONE has a short attention span. Weed is only gonna make it noticably worse if you smoke everyday for yrs. My attention span is so bad that i carry a lil pocket notepad in my back pocket and whenever someone tells me somethin i need to remember i write it down, that way at the end of the day i can check my notepad and see that i need to pick bob up at 6am and do laundry at night....the notepad trick really helps.

    Also around my apartment i got lil sticky notepads posted on my front door that say shit like REMEMBER WORK BADE , REMEMBER WALLET , REMEMBER CELL PHONE. That way every mornin i see it before i walk out the door and ill remember to grab anything i forgot....i use to forget my work badge like everyday now i never forget it cause i posted a couple post-its on the door.
  5. im pretty sure that all those memory problems and attention span shit many of us get now, were as ever present before we started smoking, we just werent old enough to have enough responsibilty to start forgetting things and not paying attentions, plus the fact that smoking weed is a good excuse to blame your problems on ;)

  6. woo dude and i thought i had it bad 4 a sec, i gotta take up ya idea of writing stuff in my own lil notebook because whenever i got loadsa things to do in one day im guranteed to forget a few, i should of thought of that idea before oh i did i jus 4got bad attention span :D
  7. Kids are bred to have short attention spans anymore. All we do if give kids stuff to do, play with, and watch. I can't concentrate in college. I couldn't concentrate before I started smoking, and I still can't, but it doesn't seem any worse. I used to carry a palm pilot everywhere I went and I would write down everything important in there that I needed to remember,, but it fucking broke a couple weeks ago. And to keep from forgetting stuff when I go places I got a little routine down to check for everything before I exit the house.
  8. I swear I have the attention span of a 2 yr old but that is just part of my charm!!! LOL. No but seriously, even as a child my mom tells me I prefered commercials to tv shows because I couldn't sit still for longer than 3 minutes at a time. Smoking hasn't effected my memory that I have noticed but I try not to notice things like that. If I really need to remember something, I write it down and try to remember where I put the damn note at.
  9. i notice a lot of times i'll ask someone a question and not pay attention to the answer and ask them the same question right after they answer it.

  10. I did that too..when the show would turn off, my head would whip right around to watch the commercials. then when it would come back on, Id go back to following my fingers. I noticed I have to try real hard to get through like reading something, and I really do like to read, get information in that way, so it gets frustrating sometimes. I think it also plays part in anxiety..for me anyway. always haveing thoughts of whats next in the back of my head even if nothing is next. its a pain sometimes when all you really want to do is relax, and even that I have a hard time doing.

  11. I know that all too well!!!!!! And it is indeed a major PAIN in the ass. Sometimes I want to relax sooooo much and my mind won't quit working no matter how hard I try. I do believe that's why I don't get that much sleep. As I lay there trying to doze off, a hundred thousand thoughts flood my mind. It gets too overwhelming and I end up gettting up and doing things to keep myself busy just trying to forget. Maybe I just need to try and alleviate the stress in my life. That may really be part of the problem.
  12. Attention spans are decressing by the minutes..


    I'd say that life is in such a hurry these days that we all have so much on our minds that we just can't conceive it all at once..]]]

    Some of my problem is.. I get to thinking of things that are more important to me that waht the other person are talking bout.. Or I just get bored with the conversation!!!

  13. You know........that was going to be one of my main points but I got side-tracked and completely forgot to mention it. LOL. I guess my poor mind is too overwhelmed!!!!!!!!
  14. lol@flowerchild :)

    oh god, I know im in trouble.
  15. At work, i can remember all the tactical frequencies, coordinates, callsigns, equipment technical specs and crap, but i run the risk constantly of forgetting my own damn name or i forget to put pants on before o go outside, more than once i been walkin thru the hood and realized i'm in my underwear.

    I'm good at the supposedly hard stuff but all the ridicuously easy stuff escapes my mind.

    Ever since i was a kid i had all kinds of mad crazy shizzle in my melon, i'd be sittin in like 2nd grade reading class "daydreaming" about all kinds of theoretical science, trying to understand everything there is. All through life my mind has always been thinking of 100 different thiangs simultaneously, and it got to the point where it was just a sea of screaming voices in my head.

    Then one day i got high

    HOly fuckin shit!!!! when i was high the voices went away, and it was just fuckin silence inside my head. Everything felt like it was "new" like i was seeing the world for the first time without the competing voices trying to tell me what the world is. For once in my life i felt like i had control of my thought rather than my thoughts having contriol of me. I found i could think about stuff one idea at a time. It's like i was always staring at a wall of tv's trying to watch them all, till i toked up and gain the ability to "seaparte the channels" and think of one thing at a time.

    Now i can do that even when i'm not stoned. I learned how to take control of mt thoughts instead of thoughts controlling me. That's when i really realized just how powerful mind control is also, if the same things like commercials and crap are constantly drilled into your head they form predictable thought structures. While you absentmindely do whatever all these little bits of mental programming creep into your brain and mold the mind. I know some of you think i'm some kind of wacked out conspiracy theorist nut when i say this shizzle but that's how mind control works on the basic level. It's subconscious programming. I bet if a study was done to determine attention span length patterns, they would follow a similar pattern to television content/commercial ratio.

  16. tooSick: exactly, couldn't have said it better.

    now i'm bored with this thread, moving on...

  17. Yah, I have an incredibly small attention span.

    Sometimes while browsing The City I'll see an interesting thread and I think of something really great to say.

    Then somewhere in the middle of typing I'll lose interest and just click the close window button instead. It happens all the time.

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