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Discussion in 'General' started by mahleyman, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. a short story first
    i had never tried shrooms and i wasnt trying to fuck around and pick some so i decided to grow my own. i ordered a grow kit off the internet and had a harvest within two week. i ate the whole bag which was like 17 shrooms i know it was stupid but i was poppin pills at the time and thought i could take anyting besides i harvested them a few days early and they were immature. anyway im not sayin that any of you are as stupid as me but start with like 4 shrooms and work your way up. or else you might end up in the hospital like me. i wasnt physically oded but my mind was warped like a mother fucker i was completly comatose. i had no knowledge of the outside world at all lol it wasnt even fun
    but hey at least i know for sure my mind can handle even a strong trip considering how that was more than a heroic trip and i know i can grow them too anyway just be careful with them at the right dosage they can be stronger than acid
  2. whoah,

    i tried one shroom last friday, it was a trip and a half

    i seriously felt my soul just spreading out and dissapating into space, and i saw god and everyone

    it was good though

    oh yeah, i also get pretty baked off of like a good hit or 2 which i think is good for me at least
  3. man im pissed off though cause i want to do shrooms again but my parents are like fuck no i barely get away with smokin weed nowadays even though they let me grow the shrooms it was like a fuckin science project i had this light over it and everything but after the hospital thing there all overprotective which is normal but if you think about it odin on shrooms like i did is so rare its like a shark attack i mean if someone gets attacked by a shark people encourage them to keep swimin in the ocean but if you od on shrooms there like dont swim in the ocean(eat shrooms) it pisses me off but when i move out in a couple years its gonna be shrooms galore
  4. My shrooms didn't turn out for some reason... Too much light, or not enough heat, not sure which. Or maybe I got fucked over, that seems to happen to me a lot.
  5. Ok let me get this straight, you'd never tried shrooms before, but you went to the trouble to grow them, and then harvested them too early, and then ate the entire bag of 17 of them?

    Wow. nevermind.
  6. At least you've got balls for it, fair play to ya.
  7. dude lol i know it was completly utterly stupid ijust wasnt think like that at the time
  8. ive grown shrooms for a long time and have never harvested from innoculation to spawn to shrooms in any less time than 6-7 weeks depending on strain.

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