Attention Residents of New York!!!

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  1. If you are like me, a resident of NY who wants the legalization of medicinal marijuana, you want to take action for MMJ to start getting more attention in New York.

    Here is a link to a website where you can write a letter to our Senators (it's a pre-written letter so it's very convenient, you just have to type in your information).

    Please take 30 seconds to do this!!
  2. It's the little things like this that in conjunction with other petitions and such will start changing peoples minds about opposing marijuana. Hell, we're not asking politicians to toke up with us, but really, the chokehold on marijuana users is unnecessary by all means. I could go on for hours, but all I'll say is that anyone that can find the time to fill this out, just go ahead and do it please. ;)
  3. i really want to send that but im a little sketched out that i have to put my address down. i'm in high school (off to college in a few months :hello:) and therefore live with my parents and i'm pretty sure they wouldn't be pleased if we got mail from the marijuana policy project.
  4. i did this and within 3 days got a response in the mail from senator joe robach saying:

    thank you for your recent email urging my support of legalizing the medical use of marijuana. i have received letters similar to yours asserting the patients right to use marijuana to alleviate the pain associated with serious diseases such as cancer and aids.

    while i can certainly empathize with those suffering from such chronic pain, as a state legislator, I do not have the necessary jurisdiction to address this matter. marijuana production, use and distribution - for whatever purposes continues to fall under the control of the federal government. the federal conrolled substances act prohibits the manufacture and distribution of various drugs, including marijuana. while some states have passed laws providing a medical necessity exception to this prohibition, the united states supreme court's interpretation of the law does not allow medical necessity as a defense to the federal prohibition of marijuana use.

    again thank you for writing. if i can be of any further assistance on this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 225-3650

  5. Please contact him back and reference to Eric Holder's recent quote about the change in federal policy regarding medical marijuana.
  6. ha wow u beat me to it lol but ya send him the link to that speach or whatever it was
  7. good idea...will do

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