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Attention old-tymers...pipe changes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pyro2005, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Yesterday, my mom was looking at my pipes and she asked where I light it from. I thought she was kidding, and I told her from the top. She said when she used to smoke, there was a hole in the bottom of her pipes and that is where she lit it from.

    Does anyone here know/remember what she is talking about?
  2. Well, bowl placement does vary from pipe to pipe...But I'm not sure I've ever seen one that you light from the bottom?
  3. I know it varies, but bowls that you light from the bottom? I dunno.

    And by the way, the Homer Simpson quote is, "Going cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds"
  4. Thanks for the correction!!
  5. N problem, I just watch too much Simpsons, if possible.
  6. You can never watch too much Simpsons!!
  7. The Simpsons is the greatest show ever, well, it is a tie with Seinfeld in my opinion.

    Otto Mann is the coolest, I remember one episode a while back when all the citizens are watching a meteor shower, and Otto says:

    "Wow, I don't need drugs to enjoy this... Just to enhance it!"

    I agree. meteor showers ARE the shit...

    "especially on weed, man!"
  8. You guys seen the medical marijuana episode of the Simpsons? They showed bongs and stuff! Homer got medical bud for an eye problem. The doctor was like, "When it comes to the eyes, chronic is the best tonic." And homer got to pick a bong out of a medicine cabinet


    And his family tried to get him to stop smokin like, "Your eyes are better now you don't need it." homer goes "what the hell are you talking about", cause he forgot about his eyes being the original reason to smoke.. And Lisa was like "I want my old dad back the drunken yellin.. um. I don't know what I want" and walks off..
    But yeah. YAY for the Simpsons.

  9. Yes, downloaded it awhile back....:)....It's great!! I'd never seen it before, watching the reruns everyday but it still hasn't been on!!!
  10. rofl that was a good one... remember he opens the prescription pill bottle thingie and inside its filled to joints. and it says something like toke as necessary
  11. hey chen check your private messages
  12. you know what, your mom sounds a little dislexic(spellings' fucked) so she was probrably just thinking of a chillum. that about the only logical solution

  13. Nope, not a chillum, I just showed her a pic, she is claiming temp. insanity.

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