Attention Namron

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. Stop scratching your damn nuts ;)
  2. i second that
  3. me alto...i agreet
  4. but.........


    its so sensory satisfying.....
  5. Indeed!! Let norm scratch his scrote!
  6. It's not crabs is it?
  7. Oh dear... I hope not.

    Norm, we're all here for you.
  8. oochie this norm.
  9. nooooo.....after reading a thread i decided to see if it made a difference to be bald balled........and it dont do nothin but fuckin itch.
  10. ermmm... you shaved your balls... okay....

    Scrote scratchin is a man thing. WE ARE MEN (IN GRUFF VOICE)... I'm off to hunt some deer... and fart....
  11. you forgot drink beer and eat beans.
  12. My friends always scratch there nuts no matter who's around. But thatnkfully I'm there to give them a swift kick in the ass ;)
  13. somehow i dont think it would be the same if girls scratched their kooch all the time
  14. Somehow, I don't think so either ;)
  15. goin out with chick tonight........i hope she doesnt start scratching her kooch........kooch is the word i prefer to call vaginas.
  16. My mom yells at me if I say cooch or snatch. I hope you date doesn't scratch her cooch either. Have a good time, I think i'm gonna get laid tonight (big shocker ;) )
  17. i wish i could get laid.......been a while :(
  18. I thought you said you were going out tonight?

    Just put the moves on her ;)

  20. Is it the evil ex?

    because if it is, tell her you don't want a relationship you would just like to sleep with her ;)

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