Attention Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Light

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    Now that i have your attention your probably wondering how do i know if i should choose this light
    Well these are 5 factors to consider when making a valuable decision

    Check it out >Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower <check it out (300w Equivalent)

    "1. Light proportion:

    The spectrum of light is important to horticulture, get the best light color that plants need.

    2. Light intensity:

    Plants growing need bright light, when lack of it, they get tall and leggy.

    3. Energy saving and great power efficient:

    Enough usable light with less electricity; the light should have the power to produce much light with less power.

    4. Duration of light and maintenance cost:

    A long lifespan and working light is good for your plants. Plus, it need to be used under all stages of growth.

    5. High power cooling system:

    "Lower working temperature led light will take care your plants better than others."

    This grow light in deed has all those factors needed
    *The 300 watt grow light has very bright light and your plants will love this bright light and produce a great quality product

    *has a great cooling system with 2 fans the light wont ever burn out.

    *Chips put out the largest amount of usable light per watt at half The power. Not only helps the led last through years of use, but saves money on electricity.

    The fact that the light has 50,000 life span and the fact that if one light breaks you can return it for 100% money back garannteed 2 year and 30 days warranty"
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  2. Why is there a random HTML script? Ye trying to inject code into the website or smth? lol
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  3. yea lol i guess the coding doesnt work
  4. This light only consumes 135W... I guess it's good for budget?
  5. 145W but preforms like a 300 watt light and It will actually be good for a budget cause youll be spending less for electricty for a light that preforms greatly and the specific light colors stimulate great plant growth not only that it will help keep your grow area cooler with its has built in cooling system
  6. mhm. But the built in cooling system exhausts fans IN the tent. But LEDs don't produce a lot of heat though. But it's like CFL lights. You should look at the input power. You can't go around saying that it is a 300W light. It is like someone with a 250W cfl light going around saying they have a 700W of cfl lights. Having 300W as input, and having 300W equivalent is completely different.
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  7. I personally use mars hydro 300's one per plant (135W) and it works good can't complain for the price... definitely pays for itself again and again just after the first harvest...

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  8. i understand were you are coming from and i will correct the post but cfls and Led GrowLights are completly differrent. The colors in the led growlights target a specific type of stimulating plant growth. and is scientifically proven i know im some stranger to you i guarantee this product will be a great factor in your growroom unless you want to switch to HPS/MH and pay way for more for electricity and get a product relativly the same as the Led in quality and you have an extra fan thats good youll avoid the chance of getting mold on your nugs
  9. Eh it's propaganda... you can potentially get 300 grams off of a 300W HPS... good luck getting 300 grams with a 135W blurple... lol

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  10. That's bullshit.... a watt is a watt... whether it's 1000 watts of HID or 1000W of LED it'll cost the same to run... with a cheaper LED like that you are looking at around .8-1gpw from a good grower same as an HID... and an LED is sure as hell not preventing mold... you have the same chance of getting mold whether with HID or LED those little fans aren't preventing shit.. and most people who run HID Run an air cooled hood that'll vent all the heat out which you cannot do with LED seeing how they don't have the same exhaust setup.....

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  11. All you are doing is coming on here copy pasting shit from other sites trying to act like you know everything but you aren't doing shit but spreading lies whether knowingly or unknowlingly... galaxy hydro is one of the least preferred budget LED's out of the bunch to top everything off IMO

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  12. Viparspectra has a better 300w light lmao
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  13. And they are like 70$ brand new
  14. I tell you what. Those mars 300s are great cheap crap. Do they do the job of growing plants, sure. But take that 135w at the wall and match it up with a good hps, cmh, say 600watts total and that 600w hps is gonna blow the doors off those mars lights.
    And I have 2 of them. Their 270 combined watts vs my 315cmh set at 245w isn't even a comparison.
    Please stop trying to "help" people. You just aren't.
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  15. I run a single bulb cmh 315 3100k Phillips agro bulb love it
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  16. Bullshit. It's just a cheap blurple light. Two of those will not outperform my 650w actual LED - nor a 600w HPS. I agree with LedRoB82 - you don't know what your talking about - stop posting false information.
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  17. I run a 315 de in veg. Set down to the 245 setting in a 4x3 and it does the job awesome! Currently only have 1 315se in my 5x5 flower. Only 1 plant so it does the job but going for 2 very shortly. Should work great to cover the whole tent.
  18. its a full spectrum light yes a what is watt but thats why i said leds will give you a relatively great product as HID but still very great in quality and i did not once say the fans on the light prevent mold . i misunderstood and thought he was trying to say he has an extra fan and that the light does produce enough heat so i though he ment he lives in cold area so thats why i said he could prevent mold cause if he could point his extra fan to the nugs it will prevent moisture between them witch prevents mold . what if hes grows with a Hid light and looses his whole crop what if they turn male and all of that money he spend on the electricty bill went down the drain which could lead to other circumstances
  19. Your name suits you well
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