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  1. Alright so I need to ask the tattood stoner community not just stoner and not just tatted people. (Need no bias).

    I got like $200 comin in the next week (im already set on plentya bud lol) and i been thinking about getting another tattoo a portrait of my mom (im a 22 year old guy go to college etc) or picking up another nice bong from this headshop near where I live. Dudes holdin a 16 inch custom bong with ice spikes and a perk.

    Tat or bong lol. I can't decide which...

    You guys decide, but NO ONE can give advice unless you are high. I only trust people when they are at their best ;)
  2. $200 is not going to be enough for a good portrait of your mom. Especially if you want the quality to be there it's going to cost you more than that. My advice is to save up a couple more hundred if you want it to be worth it, I have seen way to many botched portrait tattoos due to not enough time spent on it because the person didn't want to spend the money on it.

    It's up to you if you would rather a piece of glass that who knows how long will last, or a portrait of your mother that will be on you for the rest of your life.
  3. Yah $200 won't get you a quality portrait. Expect to spend at least double that.

    Also search around for artists known for doing good portraits. I've seen way too many portraits end up looking like a troll afterwards.
  4. Nah I know my dude he's straight. I got 5 tats all from him. He does amazing work and I've known him 10+ years. Plus he's super fast and said it'll only cost me $200. It's not going to be massive, just on my forearm on the top around my other tats.

    But either way I'm getting that or I really need a new piece lol. Just can't decide if I want that tat or a nice bong.
  5. What type of bong is it?
  6. Not sure the brand, but all the pieces I've gotten from this particular headshop are nice.
  7. Get the bong
  8. Op, you should make a poll so people can vote, I still say bong
  9. Could you post one or two of the tatts you have? I'm skeptical about your artists work if he can do a portrait for only $200. Unless it's only like 3in x 3in or something. And if I had to choose between a tattoo or a bong I'd choose the tatt. Ink is forever and I want to fill up my body before I'm middle-aged. A bong could wait.
  10. I'm skeptical too.
    I'm voting bong simply because I can't imagine you getting a quality piece of work for that price, unless your artist is willing to make like no money off of his work.
  11. i know my artist real well also and have gotten crazy deals from him...most artist charge out the ass cause they can but if you are friends with them they can def hook it up.
    i got my grandparents wedding portrait tatted on my chest and my guy only charged me $150 each ofcourse i tip him well cause he hooks it up.
    he has owned his own shop for like 13years and is very next appt. aug 11th cant wait...
    but i already have a nice bong.. yoyu have to decide if you wanna rool joints for a few more weeks till you get more $ for the binger or wait on the tat
  12. $200 next week and your all ready trying to spend it.

    *GASP* save it

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