ATTENTION: Atlanta Tokers - Where To???

Discussion in 'General' started by ShareTheBud, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Just looking for cool hang out spots, clubs, bars that are friendly to us. Tired of being paranoid and want to share. Heard Little Five was a good spot, any place else? Maybe even organize an Atl Blazers night to meet up and chill.:hello:
  2. Sure Mr Officer, I'll help you catch marijuana smokers! Haha just kidding, but I don't live in Atlanta so idk
  3. Naw I understand im sure plenty of them troll the forums for that exact reason so I can understand peoples wary nature lol. I was just hoping to find some friendly spots that dont have the creepy douche bag managers that dont like us
  4. It's always the people with the really, really low post counts that ask things like this. No wonder everyone thinks they're cops.
  5. ^so true.
    Besides, we're all high and paranoid, so you'll never get shit here:smoke:
  6. Are you making excuses for people who can't be bothered to read the rules to the forum before they post? :confused:
  7. ^shouldnt be asking for bud on a forum that clearly states in the rules of posting, not to ask for hookups
  8. i'm aware. but you're backing him, as if he has the right to be posting this shit.
  9. He's not asking for hookups he's asking where to chill and kick it in Atlanta.

    I'm living in ATL right now, and there's literally all kinds of places.

    Just explore with a friend. Go to outer cities, Roswell, alpharetta, Marietta, etc.

    Underground ATL is cool but can be sketch.

    Explore the citay
  10. Isn't Atlanta the drug capital of the us?
  11. Explore with friends is bet. Little 5 is total drug center, but not an everyday hangout. Go to smoke 911s in Roswell an sandy springs for starters an just ask people there for places that are 420 friendly without being sketch...literally a thousand places here
  12. Dang yall I leave for like a week to get a feel for things and I get steam rolled, by the way I am a lady not a guy. And it is correct, I asked where are friendly places for us, not for a hook ups. I did read the rules in fact, but I cant help but not be enticed by replies that dont answer my question. I may be an enthusiast but that doesnt make me interested in random banter either lol, just light one and chill guys

  13. ^^^^^thanks thats the info I needed, I explored over there on Tuesday, got a hookah from the junkmans daughter (totally missed the place across the street) nice place, def be back. wasnt too into the side street with the crystal shop, people stay bothering you but to each his own

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