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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. One slice of whole wheat bread....lather on large amount of strawberry jam....Second slice of whole wheat bread...Lather on large amount of peanut butter....before placing two halves large handfull of potatoe chips on each slicee...(dont worry, they will stick!)....Now eat this immediately!..MMM TASTEY GOOT!

    you may resume your usual posting
  2. I do eat the penut butter and strawberry jam... I leave off the chips though..

    Some times I add a banna though!!!!!!!
  3. I feel tricked.. and some how violated.
    But ah.. to have the munchies again. I can't wait.
  4. Ultimate Stoner Sammich: PEANUT BUTTER AND TUNA! (try it, you'll like it)

    Mix Tuna with your favorite mayo, add garlic and onion powder and a little mustard.

    Toast bread, spread a bunch of peanut butter on the one side (do it while hot so it melts a little), spread tuna on the other, and put a slice of american cheese in the middle. Finish off with a handful of chips on the sammich, squash together and enjoy!

    Dammit, it's only 9:00am and now I'm starving.
  5. My thoughts exactly, mslegallyblonde.

    Although.. there is a little bit of wonder as to like.. "hm.. wonder how that would taste...."
  6. White bread
    Creamy P-Nut butter
    Soft Philly cream cheese

    Sounds like heaven to me.
  7. Ok Nubbin... I tried making it right now...and it's good :) I like this post. I like just trying different foods. I like being high. lol :)

  8. im tellin you guys...everybody has put chips on some sort of sandwhich..but why end it with cold cuts you know?....PBJ!
  9. woohoo!
    is this the official sandwich thread or what!? ;D

    i have so many recommendations,

    but first, the ultimate savoury samich:

    steak mince and a cheese slice in a toasted sandwich.
    if one isnt enough, make the second one cheese, brown sandwich pickle spread and egg toastie.

    yeah, i gotta give the thumbs up to who ever it was who mentioned the banana & PB. an excellent choice.

    also... a mention needs to go to the daddy of all jams.

    Rhubarb! its unbeatable! you can keep your berries and what not... rhubarb is the ultimate jam for your sam'. ;D

    i can get quite passionate about sammiches. :D hehe

  10. rhubarb!? what in gods name..?......ehh....whatever tickles your pickle digit...
  11. oh and BTW sorry about abusing my moderator status by saying everyone had to read this..being as its only a thread about sandwhiches...but hey thats what i have the power to do...
  12. has anyone hear ever had a rubin. there the shit.[​IMG]
  13. i got some crazy shit for y'all to try....delish....

    my friend works at a deli and tought me this....

    you take a wrap....

    take your favorite preserves.... take wrap, put a lil butter on it, and throw on grittle or pan....smear jam/preserves all over it and roll it up as it were a wrap.....

    all you have left is an ooohhheyy goooeyyy breakfast wrap full of melted jam and a lil bit of butter......

    sounds funky, but its o damn goood...... plus its helps when your poor ass an have nothin in the fridge...

    college cookin'.....
  14. ...did somebody say rhubarb? was finger
  15. Grillled pb&j good for munchies....:D
  16. blech! sounds absolutly gross, and i like A. zimmermans show.
  17. wow, almost a 4 yr old necro.

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