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Attention all fast food employees

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hockeystud, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. #1 hockeystud, Aug 14, 2011
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    Whats up fellow blades, I work at Burger King and I go to work completely stoned every single time :D and was wondering how many other people do this?
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  3. pretty sure weed runs a good percentage of the fast food industry
    both in terms of customers & employees
  4. "I work at Burger King making big ass whoppers, would you like an apple pie with that?"
  5. I dont work in fast food but im usually baked at work
  6. For sure man, I love working the cash register when I'm stoned because that is when I start to notice how many people come to BK on some serious drugs. I can definitely tell when someone is tripping on something other than weed too. Fuck, today this approximately 60 year old guy came in, and he had needle marks all over both of his arms, definite herion addict
  7. could have made this thread about going to WORK stoned, not particularly for people with a shit job in the fast food industry. my personal opinion. there's a lot of people who do every aspect of their life stoned. it isn't uncommon for a burger king employee to half-ass his job with thc in his system
  8. Well I don't work at a fast food place, but I certainly do go there sometimes when I get munchies with my friends. It is gross, but thats why I only save it for times I'm super stoned.
  9. I made this thread about fast food because imo it seems that fast food jobs are made to go to baked lol.
  10. ^ word to that then
  11. dude subway baked is crazy so many people staring at me when im working my magic
  12. All the people that work in fast food places are poor.
    They cant afford weed. Lulzie.
  13. They can also deal and smoke fo FREE

  14. Maybe you should get a job before you speak
  15. Pizza delivery drivers could make bank dealing
  16. Holy shit dude that would be an awesome job for a dealer to have. Lol one day me and my buddy were stoned at a grocery store and we thought it would be hilarious if a dealer was a checkout perrson. People could know to just go to "lane 6" for the extra special deals lol.

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