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Attending a haunted house stoned, good idea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lord Cohliani, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Do you guys think it would it be super hella scary or I'd just get really tired?
  2. It sounds like a great fuckin idea
  3. I think it would be pretty cool honestly.

    When I am sober I usually dont like going to many of them because its easy to tell when someone is gonna pop up or something. But if your high you will be thinking about other shit and you would get scared real quick haha.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. :smoke:
  5. Id definately do it.

    But then again I was always the one to go first and wave at all of the actors :D
  6. of course it's a good idea.
  7. depends. If your a panzy and get scared easily then no. But if your not, then by all means do it
  8. sounds cool try smoking before going
  9. Hell ya its an experience, did it a couple years ago and I was just super smart and could tell when they were poppin out.

  10. Oh no my boy, horror is my passion. I love getting frightened, but it doesn't happen to me often.

  11. haha word, nothing seems scary anymore
  12. hell yes do that with some friends and you'll have some good laughs ! ive always wanted to do it

  13. This is exactly what I plan to do. :smoke:
  14. sounds badass!!
  15. I really enjoy it. A group of my friends, about 10 of us, make a habit of getting super baked and going to a big haunted attraction every year. The last few we've made brownies to make sure we stay high through out. This year is going to be honey hash oil lollipops haha..
  16. Kinda the point bro:D.
  17. My friend just smoked a spliff at Horror Nights last night. lol
  18. I think it'd be a lot more fun being one of the people that pops out while stoned.
  19. i could handle that except for one part, theres always a chainsaw guy at the end that scares me enough sober, if i were high i'd prolly piss myself and faint.
  20. im smoking/edible(ing) it up at knott's scary farm this year

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