Attempting DPM...Seriously This Time

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  1. I have marked the date that on the 27th (Day my parents go out of town...Yes I'm 18) I will take a shot at DPM (Motion Sickness Pills). I know the risk I'm taking but I've always considered it and I'd like to do it during the day and avoid night so I don't get too scared. This is a perfect day for me..and I'm planning on doing sort of a Live Journal thing in the box updating every so often how I feel. I will try my best to remember to update.

    Anyway...For those who've done much should I take? I've attempted at an entire box of Benadryl once and nothing happened. So I'm assuming I should take more of this also.

    Though it's not for a few weeks, any tips?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Dpm? Never heard of that. Related to Dramamine? Or is that what you mean.
  3. they say 8 is good for a first timer. i agree. you might get some slight hallucinations at that dose. ive tripped balls on 14 after smoking before. ive heard of people downing 40 of these. thats just crazy dont ever do that many. i wouldnt even go over 20. that would be one strong ass trip. only thing i dont like about those trips is that my body feels kinda weird. of course they will affect you more if on an empty stomach. they dont really cause nasea so you wont have to worry about that.

    def listen to music. and try not to do anything stressful because it feels like your body is 1000 pounds haha. just dont get freaked out, theres no reason to
  4. Dramamine is an OTC that has it's pretty much the same thing, yeah.
  5. I'm looking for a strong dose actually, the kind with full blown hallucinations. Maybe I should do about 20...
  6. Im sticking to what I said last time, 20.
    At least do 15 man.
  7. dude what the hells wrong with u y are u always posting about how u want to do weird drugs like dxm datura and now motion sickness pills... this shit is DANGEROUS you are going to do something crazy stupid... instead u should trip on something thats actually fun like shrooms or acid

    just my 2

  8. Ah, gotcha. I thought so. Well, all I can say is that it was an experience for me back in High School. I downed 16 with some other buddies as well(they took 8), needless to say I don't remember really anything after that. All I really remember is my body getting reallllllly heavy about 30 minutes after the fact, the rest...well I had to find out from my friends about all the crazy shit I had done that day/night. I absolutely remember none of it. They said I fell asleep in the middle of circuit city in the floor for about a good 10 minutes, and the list goes on after that. I don't recommend anything more than 10 for a first. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it anyway.
  9. DPH is pretty cool IMO. I definitely saw things that absolutely were not there. I can't remember how many I took, I think 12 Dramamine pills. If you want a full blown thing I'd go 16-18, maybe 20.
  10. Dude...this is Pandora's Box. People come to here to post crazy stuff and NOT get criticized and get asked what's wrong with them..

    DXM is not that weird by the way...many people have done it.
  11. my bad man but seriously this shit isnt fun i have plenty of friends whove done all this shit and they all do stupid shit and regret it
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    It's okay, I know I'm an idiot for wanting to try deleriants but it's all in curiosity, I know they're not fun but I'm willing to take that risk. I ain't got much to live for.

    By the way, I live in Illinois as well!
  13. Oh yeah, and if you can, try to do it with someone, just in case. You never know how your body is going to react to something. Just be safe dude, and have fun.
  14. My sister will be home, I'm not telling her I'll be overdosing on motion sickness pills because I don't want her to freak out. Plus she wouldn't let me, haha. But if anything bad happens, she'll be there.

    Plus I'll keep you guys updated. February 27th...mark your calenders ;)
  15. at least u know what ur getting urself into... where in illinois are u?
  16. Mg please. I'd strongly recommend a sitter if you are doing a high dose. The thing is most people doing this stuff (including me awhile back) have been bored kids who do it alone in their house. This is setting yourself up for disaster with a substance that is already disastrous. If you have someone cool with you who is willing to reassure you and calm you down if you're freaking out, it will help a lot. When you're alone in your room, the walls are bending, you're seeing spiders all over your bed and you're hearing voices you'll just be wishing you had someone to tell you that everything is okay.
  17. Des Plaines, about 20 minutes from Chicago. How about you?
  18. Dude...that just strongly made me reconsider doing it alone. Maybe I'll spend the night at a friends house this weekend and post from there. I know the feeling of paranoia/fear/confusion altogether. Though my first DPH trip wasn't strong, all of those were present. I'm imagining saying to myself in three weeks saying "I should have listened to that guy on GC"
  19. I find both dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine to be quite fun imo. But that's just me, deleriants aren't for everyone.
  20. If the trip goes bad then just go to sleep. Its also used as a sleeping pill so all you really have to do is close your eyes and your out.

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