Attempting a sinsemilla grow OD.

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    Beings as I live in Iowa, where the ditchweed still roams free, getting a outdoor sinsemilla grow might be a challenge.

    Even beyond ditchweed, my main setback is a lack of real space to work with. They'll be vegging in a small kitchen cupboard.

    But I wondered.

    Since I will be growing bagseed I want to give my babies as much time to mature outdoor as possible. Theoretically I'd veg as many plants as possible in the typical red plastic Solo cups. Let them grow to the max size possible and then start flowering them. If I let them flower for a full month and then transplant them outdoors at an optimal time, (i.e. After the rogue males have nutted and can't impregnate my girls,) could this technically work?

    Even with room for their roots to grow, would they stay too small to even justify growing them?

    Is there any way to really calculate an optimal time to move outside without stressing them to death?

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. Auto flowering strains started early enough will finish before the ditch weed starts pollinating. Also, a regular crop full of seeds still makes great hash.
  3. I don't have an answer, but I didn't want to ignore this post. I bet there are many midwest growers facing that same problem with wild MJ.
  4. i really don't see a problem.... it could take 2 weeks worth of effort, probaly 2 hours a day, maybe more/less.

    ive heard male pollen can only travel like a mile.

    pick your spot outside... and then everyday, pick a new direction, n/s/e/w n/e n/w s/e s/w, the 8 directions... and walk 1-2 miles out, killing any weed plants you see growing wild.

    take the last 6 days of your 2 weeks, after each day u do a new direction (walking 1-2 miles will take you 25-30 mins probaly) and just do circles around your area, scoopin up any stragglers you missed earlier.

    ive heard outdoor growers dont like to make tracks tho, so thats probaly your only downside.... but maybe someone would just think some dumb kid cut the plants down to smoke them or something.... heh.... not to get a sensimilla crop nearby....
  5. I am definitely planning on doing that to the fullest extent that I can, Assasin. Some of the terrain that I'm faced with though, calls not so much for walking but intense hiking. :(

    I'm already planning on putting several plants out full season and just hoping for the best. I was hoping though to be able to pull off a small sinsemilla harvest just for a personal special occasions stash. I guess I'll just have to try my little experiment and see how it goes.

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